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Featuring the works Julio Anaya Cabanding, Jang Koal, Tetsuya Nakamura, Ryuichi Ohira, Cleon Peterson, TOKI, and Yoon Hyup, the exhibition serves to convey the free and unyielding creativity of artists that continue to cast a brilliant light even in the midst of the pandemic.

Julio Anaya Cabanding was born in 1987 in Malaga, Spain, where he currently continues to live and work. Inspired by the work of old masters, Cabanding is known for his meticulous reworkings of classic paintings, employing found materials such as used pieces of cardboard or wood, or the wall itself as his support medium. Such practice derives from the artist’s endeavor to explore the extent to which paintings can become familiar and accessible. As street art and urban art have come to expand their presence, Cabanding’s work can be regarded as a new form of 21st-century art that attempts to raise questions about the conditions of the current art system which heralds and places emphasis on museum institutions and academism.

Jang Koal is a young and up-and-coming artist based in Seoul. Her works, painted on traditional Korean paper called “hanji” made from the inner bark of paper mulberry, are reminiscent of the tradition of watercolor portraits (emphasizing the beauty of their female subjects) that have been inherited since the Joseon Dynasty. It is perhaps due to such careful preparation that Koal’s work while employing colorful illustration-like techniques appears to harbor an air of timeless mystery. The women that Koal depicts, despite their quiet disposition, possess a strong sense of resolve and determination within. At the same time, they seem to embody the reticent spirituality of an artist who seeks new values beyond historical cultural traditions.

Under themes of “speed” and “remodeling” that serve as symbols of modern society, Tetsuya Nakamura has developed sculptural works such as the “Replica Series” that replicate jet aircraft, robots works that take on the aesthetics of weathering observed in custom paint culture, as well as three-dimensional works reminiscent of synthetic life forms that are evocative of a certain biological interest. Nakamura’s work can also be interpreted as having a context similar to the Italian avant-garde art movement of “Futurism”, which often tends to be misunderstood. More recently, however, his oeuvre has shifted to depict forms that are more suggestive of organic and biological information, and going beyond 20th-century themes like the visualization of monistic energy and functions, enable viewers to imagine the aesthetics of organic life forms that exist in the distant future.

Ryuichi Ohira is a Tokyo-born sculptor how lives and works in the Chiba Prefecture. Ohira’s works are implicative of themes such as the natural environment and human acts of creation, as well as the innumerable relationship between expression and energy. In addition, Ohira, who is also an avid car enthusiast, has created works that delve into Japan’s custom car culture, which in itself is already becoming a legacy of the past. Showcased on this occasion is a selection of relief works and wooden sculptures from the artist’s “Carbonized Series”, which draw inspiration from custom vehicles and have been produced through a distinct method of charring (carbonization).

Cleon Peterson is an American artist based in Los Angeles. Peterson is widely known for depicting humanoid figures in conflict or engaging in various acts of deviance through a limited color palette consisting of red and black. His style draws inspiration from the murals and vases of the ancient Greek and Roman periods and could be perceived as a form of artistic reportage. Peterson’s work critically satirizes the violence that the history of humankind has repeated for the purpose of power struggle and survival, and in them are strong statements that illustrate the artist’s attitude of constantly trying to confront the facts that are often obscured within today’s civilized society.

TOKI is a two-person male and female photographer unit based in Tokyo. With a practice rooted in Tokyo’s fashion and commercial photography scene, TOKI is known for their distinctive works that are characterized by their extraordinary techniques and unparalleled use of lighting. What is unique about their works is that despite LED having come to the center stage of optics in today’s world, TOKI engages in updating techniques of studio shooting that had been pioneered during the heyday of flash photography through the use of devices such as color sensor cameras and projectors. TOKI’s work, whether it is an art piece or a commercial piece, illustrates significant potential within the theme of aesthetics that is cultivated through the evolution of technology.

Yoon Hyup is a highly anticipated NY-based artist who is a leading figure of the digital graphic generation engaged in the production of minimalist paintings. Having familiarized himself with the likes of music and skateboarding since a young age, and growing up in the midst of various pop culture, Yoon’s work, while constituted by an extremely simple interplay of colors, lines, and dots, convey a refreshingly vibrant and energetic feel. On this occasion, two types of works consisting of those depicting daytime scenes and those of cityscapes at night will be contrastingly presented in correspondence to the artist’s solo exhibition at Nanzuka 2G.



from October 09, 2021 to November 07, 2021



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