Gardar Eide Einarsson + Kaz Oshiro Exhibition


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Gardar Einarsson, who was born in 1976, adopts the symbols, signs, and codes employed in fields such as political messages and pop culture, transforming and using them as a significant factor in the development of his works. Resulting in various mediums such as paintings, installations, sculptures, and collages. Through extreme enlargement, excerpts, repetition, and reproduction of these “symbols”, Einarsson skillfully separates them from their original contexts, while challenging viewers to question the meaning of the complex intertwining social systems and powers.

Kaz Oshiro uses three-dimensionally assembled canvases to create his works of art based on objects that are relevant to our everyday lives. His motifs and techniques range from trash cans, document shelves, and amplifiers that are created with a level of precision that could be misidentified as the actual objects, to bent paintings that seem to have collided into the wall or fallen onto the floor. Like Einarsson, Oshiro’s works are interwoven with elements of various cultures including pop culture, as well as more essential and sociological elements, and are consistently based on his questioning and challenging of the existence of paintings themselves. In addition to his representative works of everyday objects, in more recent years Oshiro has also introduced a series of works using steel beams as his motifs, a material that is literally used as the foundation of modern society.

The motif of Einarsson’s painting in this exhibition is from the ticket to the observation deck of the former World Trade Center, along with a series of new print works of sirens. Surrounding these are “steel beams” by Oshiro.



from May 22, 2021 to June 27, 2021



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