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  • Nobumasa Takahashi

    "The main feature is the rising sun that symbolizes Japan. It also depicts the eclectic mix of death and dreams, fantasies, and realities that coexist in Tokyo, a city that lies at the foot of Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan. "

    takahashi Nobumasa Takahashi transmits art to the world from his “baachan house” (“grandma’s house”) atelier in Itabashi-ward, Tokyo. A fan of the matiere phenomenon brought about by the use of mixed media, he holds annual private exhibitions featuring unique concepts. Preferring representational paintings, his work perfectly blends Eastern and Western influences, where Japanese viewers notice the “Western” elements, while foreign viewers are attracted to the Japanese-ness that they exude. After his critically-acclaimed “Graffiti” exhibition in 2005, the multifaceted artist has been working extensively in various fields.

    [photo by mitsuho]

  • Tomato - Tota Hasegawa

    "A message seen through a T-shirt; the phrase "a vast organism," quotes Roland Barthes' characterization of Tokyo subway stations in his "Empire Of The Signs"."

    tomato Founded in 1991, “Tomato” is primarily known in Japan as a design group that includes one of the members of the Underworld. Working with big-name companies from around the world, they offer a variety of services including graphic design, music-related visuals, websites and photography, fashion, interior design, architecture, and publishing. Recently, they have been active in the field of education, providing workshops worldwide. Tota Hasegawa has been a member of TOMATO since 2000.

  • tabaimo

    "Seeing that I am a Kansai artist (the region around Osaka – traditionally teasing people from Kanto, the region around Tokyo), and the concept for the shirt is “Tokyo”, I have attempted to portray a “tacky” image of Tokyo, Kansai-style. "

    tabaimo Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1975, Tabaimo is a contemporary artist who is famous for her installations featuring animation. Her works have been shown in the Kirin Contemporary Art Exhibition Best Picture Prize 1999 (KPO Kirin Plaza Osaka/2000), Yokohama Triennale 2001 (Yokohama/2001), a private exhibition at James Cohan Gallery (New York/2005), Kirin Project 2005 (Tokyo, Osaka/2005), a private exhibition titled “Yoroyoron” (Tokyo, Hara Museum/2006), etc. She is also planning a private exhibition at the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, Paris, in October 2006.

    tabaimo on TAB

  • assistant

    " It's about "makeup". Pink, blue, gold, silver, purple, orange, white, pearl, cute, romantique, gorgeous, sexy. The endless parade of Tokyo. The whimsical paradise. "Life is too short to blend in.""

    assistant assistant is a creative group that uses three guiding themes – “urbanism & tourism”, “space & situation”, “money & consumerism” – throughout their work. Since 2002, they have taken an experimental approach in space and architectural design, interactive design, and art. Increasingly becoming an international presence in the world, they frequently work with artists and clients from overseas. Their free, liberated creations are unconstrained by national and territorial boundaries.


    "My house is in the Meguro district of Tokyo. And to my total surprise, it is surrounded and invaded by animals of all sizes. It's a liveliness I had never expected to experience when moving to Tokyo and something that is a part of my wild urban daily life. I give you “Meguro Zoo”."

    PMKFA Originally from Sweden, PMFKA moved to Copenhagen and London before basing himself in Tokyo since 2005. Working in numerous fields, his designs can be found as album covers, books, countless magazines, earrings, and many T-shirts. He is also a proud member of the clothing brand It’s Our Thing, which has been selling T-shirts globally since 2006. Style-wise, PMKFA is somewhere in between graphic design and illustration, and over the last year he has had recognition from Arkitip, Beams T, Ubiquity records, Lo-Fi-Fnk, and many others.

  • pmkfa t-shirt

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