New Tokyo Contemporaries “End of the tunnel” Opens

Kicking off the Marunouchi Art Weeks, the “New Tokyo Contemporaries” association of seven young galleries (Aoyama | Meguro, Arataniurano, Zenshi, Take Ninagawa, Misako & Rosen, Mujin-to Production and Yuka Sasahara Gallery) are exhibiting their artists’ work throughout the 7th floor of the Shin Marunouchi Building.

poster for New Tokyo Contemporaries

New Tokyo Contemporaries

at Shin Marunouchi Building - 7F Marunouchi House
in the Ginza, Marunouchi area
This event has ended - (2008-03-28 - 2008-04-06)

In Photo Reports by Ashley Rawlings 2008-03-29

Zenshi's Yuki Itoda's paintings cover the entire wall of one restaurant's seating area.

Arataniurano's Go Watanabe has installed a work in the entrace to the women's toilets.Light pieces by Jo Nagasaka from Sschemata Architectural Office, which works in collaboration with Aoyama | Meguro, illuminate this corridor.

To the right of the men's toilets, work by Mujin-to Production's artist collective 'Chim↑Pom'.

The 'Atelier Room' features paintings by several artists from several galleries, such as Misako & Rosen's Maya Hewitt.

The 'Salon Room', which looks like something out of the final scenes of '2001: A Space Odyssey', also features a variety of work from different artists, including video work by Yuka Sasahara Gallery's Mami Kosemura.

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