TAB Talks #1 with Yoshio Suzuki – Report

The first TAB Talks, with Yoshio Suzuki, long-time deputy editor of Brutus magazine, drew an audience of more than 120 people to the newly open 5tanda Sonic space.

poster for TAB Talks #1 with Yoshio Suzuki

TAB Talks #1 with Yoshio Suzuki

at Izakaya dharma Cafe
in the Tokyo: Others area
This event has ended - (2008-02-26)

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TAB Talks #2 will happen on March 11

For a first event, we weren’t expecting such a crowd but despite a maximum capacity of 90, more than 120 people showed up and squeezed on the specially commissioned benches and listened for more than an hour to Suzuki-san.

The TAB Talks neon welcoming the audienceAs a deputy editor of Brutus, he has for the past seven years traveled all over the world to put together special issues about art.

“Can a mainstream men’s magazine still sell with an art feature?” is a question frequently asked to magazine editors. Suzuki proved that it can, by taking a generalist approach to cater to casual readers, taking advantage of the linear structure of magazines to show art works in unusual ways.

During the talk, he took the audience on a tour of some of the most striking spreads of the latest art issues.

He also proudly showed slides explaining the complicated structure of the Brutus foldout, otherwise known as a “Suzuki fold”. This technique was used to show the entire Eitoku Kano’s “Shiki-Kacho-Zu”, or “Flowers and Birds of the Four Seasons”, a series of folding screens over sixteen panels in the “Japanese National Treasures” issue.

A full house!

Suzuki surprised the audiences when he talked about the unique working structure of Brutus, in which a deputy editor and a single writer work together over an extended period of time to create an issue.

The talk highlighted a simple, yet easily forgotten fact: a magazine is not something put together effortlessly. Each page is made through a trial-and-error process and goes through many reviews before getting printed and its delivery at the news stand.

Annotated slides? or is this an actual ad design...

Patient audience members got in line to ask him further questions in person during the lounge+music session that followed the talk. We look forward to seeing his future issues.

We were also happy to see enthusiastic audience members contribute their thoughts and suggestions to better improve TAB Talks in the future; thanks to those of you who filled in the questionnaire. We will work hard to make this series a success!

For TAB Talks #2, we’ll have an experimental artists’ talk.

Chat and networking session after the talk

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