TAB Talks #2 Blah Blah, Art, Blah

The second edition of TAB Talks took place on March 11, and we invited artists, a gallery owner and an art writer to discuss “How should an artist explain his work?”

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TAB Talks #2 "Blah Art Blah Blah?"

at Izakaya dharma Cafe
in the Tokyo: Others area
This event has ended - (2008-03-11)

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A young artist Ryo Morimoto, who has spent the last four years producing 10 minute live broadcast spots on the local NHK with another young artist Yoshiaki Kuribara, kicked off the evening introducing himself and his works on a series of slides. Carefully choosing words, he explained his work, sometimes talking about personal experience, such as falling in love with a woman during creating one of the works shown on slide.

After the presentation, Hiromi Yoshii, a prominent gallery owner who is active in the Tokyo art scene, and Darryl Jingwen Wee, a writer and frequent contributor for TABlog, took the stage to discuss their perspective on the topic.
Yoshii brought up a talk given by Richard Serra twelve years ago in Germany which the artist, instead of explaining his work, spent good amount of time complaining to the Mayor of the city where his work was installed. “The way artist communicate should take many forms and it is not the first priority for them to explain their works like a critic.” Expounding further, Yoshii said that ideally an artist should use multiple mediums to express his “speech.”
From the writer’s perspective, Darryl brought up the point that there is a constant danger for artists’ work to be “misinterpreted” by critics. A member of the audience said “I would still love to go see Pollack’s talk if he was still alive. I love his work, and I want to know what kind of person he is”.

 Morimoto, quietly listening to the conversation in the back, was asked to do another talk with the feedbacks from the discussion to wrap up the evening. To the audience’s surprise, Morimoto began to apologize. The works he had earlier presented as his own were in fact of fellow artist, Kuribara’s and on more than one occasion he had “stolen” ideas from him. “As a matter of fact, the entire speech had been his idea” he said. Earlier in the evening, Kuribara was handing out popcorn to the audience at the entrance and did not take any part in the discussion. Surprised, the audience suddenly realized that the entire talk had been Kuribara’s “artist’s talk”.

“None of you probably know who I am and what my art work is. But I am hoping that you will like me, so that you want to get to know me, my work, and that is how I could best explain my work”, said Morimoto as the audience clapped.

The next TAB Talks will take place on March 25. Paul Baron will host an evening with an exciting group of French artists and designers. We hope you all will join us for this very special evening.

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