Stanley Donwood “I Love the Modern World” Opens

Tokyo Gallery + BTAP holds a solo exhibition of Stanley Donwood, the artist who made Radiohead’s album covers.

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Stanley Donwood "I Love the Modern World"

at Tokyo Gallery + BTAP
in the Ginza, Marunouchi area
This event has ended - (2008-04-02 - 2008-04-26)

In Photo Reports by Ashley Rawlings 2008-04-04

Tokyo Gallery + BTAP packs out with young fans of Donwood's work.

Director Hozu Yamamoto steps out of the gallery for a moment's rest.Donwood's work is characterized by an atmosphere of phobia, unease and apocalypse.

Despite Radiohead's fame, Donwood has generally kept a low profile — so much so that some people have questioned whether he really exists or not, and if it isn't Thom Yorke making all the work.

Stanley Donwood with the works 'Silent Chest' (2008) and 'Oxygen should be regarded as a drug' (2008)

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