New Gallery Building Opens in Ebisu

After NADiff bookstore closed its Omotesando premises last summer, and Magical Artroom left the Roppongi Gallery Complex in February, the two reopen their doors in a stylish building in Ebisu, known as NADiff a/p/a/r/t, together with G/P Gallery, Art Jam Contemporary and Magic Room.

poster for

"New Beginning - The Show Must Go On!" Exhibition

at Magical, Artroom
in the Ebisu, Daikanyama area
This event has ended - (2008-07-07 - 2008-08-03)

poster for Chim Pom

Chim Pom "Japanese Art is 10 Years Behind"

at NADiff a/p/a/r/t
in the Ebisu, Daikanyama area
This event has ended - (2008-07-07 - 2008-07-27)

In Photo Reports by Ashley Rawlings 2008-07-09

The new building is hidden down a side street, just off a back street running along the Shibuya River in Ebisu.

Already at 7pm there was a queue to get in.

The first sight to greet you on entering was... more people.

NADiff is Tokyo's premier art and design bookshop, with outlets in a number of major museums around the city.

On the second floor, G/P Gallery opened with an exhibition of photographs by Yoshihiko Ueda, titled ''Photographs: Bones and Stonewares''

Director of G/P Gallery, Shigeo Goto, takes a moment's pause in the less crowded Art Jam Contemporary next door.

Art Jam Contemporary opened with an exhibition by Maya Nukumizu and Yukarina, titled ''Girls' Zone 01''

The crowd of people queuing to get in wrapped around the building, seen here from the window of G/P Gallery.Twenty minutes later, seen here from the third floor balcony, the queue showed little sign of abating.

The third floor is occupied by Magical Artroom, which reopened with a group show of eleven gallery artists.

One the left, Haruka Ito, director of Magical Artroom; on the right, Masami Shiraishi, director of SCAI The Bathhouse, who is now acting as an a professional advisor to Magical Artroom.

Fumio Nanjo, director of the Mori Art Museum.Vivienne Sato, art-lover-fashionista-drag-queen frequently seen at openings.

In Tokyo, there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about a polar bear attending an exhibition opening.

Johnnie Walker in silhouette against the 'Hotel Magical' work by Hitoshi Kuriyama, previously shown at Art@Agnes in January.

Click here to see this work installed at Art@Agnes.

On the fourth floor, Magic Room, previously located in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa gallery building has reopened as a bar/café. Events and exhibitions are planned.

The free food proved too appealing to those who discovered it, and this part of the building was probably the most packed.

The DJ had perfected his affected look of disaffection.

The spiral staircase leading down from Art Jam Contemporary into NADiff.''We're having a very crowded opening party tonight, where should we put the congratulatory flowers?'' ''Oh, just put them all the way up the very narrow staircase. The guests will like that.''

Artist collective Chin↑Pom was holding an event in the basement space. Not paying attention to the sign, which reads ''Chin↑Pom — you can enter the basement from the outside'', I thought that based on some of their past work there was nothing unusual about the idea that you might be expected to crawl under a tarpaulin in order to see their work...

... so I found myself not where they wanted me to be, but nevertheless in the best place to photograph this installation/performance. In the far corner, the audience observing from a platform. The room was pitch black, lit only by fireflies. Occasionally the light would come on, revealing this flooded, graffitied basement, with rubbish and a woman on a rubber dinghy floating around.

Outside, the ''Miraisha'' (Future van) was parked, where artist Ichiro Endo invited guests to write their wishes on it.

Ashley Rawlings

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