Makoto Aida Exhibition opens at Mizuma Art Gallery

Mizuma Art Gallery is holding Makoto Aida’s first solo exhibition in three years.

poster for Makoto Aida

Makoto Aida "I'm Mizuma's Iwaki!!"

at Mizuma Action
in the Ichigaya, Kagurazaka area
This event has ended - (2008-09-03 - 2008-10-04)

In Photo Reports by Ashley Rawlings 2008-09-04

The exhibition features some of the ''Dog'' series of works for which he is infamous.

One wall is covered with 574 frames, each containing a drawing made on pages from the Japanese translation of Immanuel Kant's ''Critique of Judgement''.A black relief titled ''Doha'' and a scroll laid out.

Sitting next to his large-scale ''Moco Moco'' painting, Makoto Aida gladly gives his autograph to a fan.

The English title of the work on the left is ''All Westerners should commit harakiri to take their responsibilities!'' but the wording in Japanese is stronger, more like: ''All you Westerners, take responsibility and commit harakiri!!''

Gallery owner Sueo Mitsuma (right) tells Roger McDonald from Arts Initiative Tokyo (left) about the exhibition in their 5th floor space.

Here, Aida's followers from Musashino Art University have produced a messy exhibition titled ''A Monument to Nothing''

The gallery is filled with the detritus of cardboard sculptures and reliefs...

... the works appear to have been made on site and are still in progress.

Although the material is cheap, the students' handiwork is relatively intricate.An irreverent portrait of their master...?

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