The GEISAI Has Landed

GEISAI #12 brought together the expected mix of the talented, the scary and the downright bizarre.

poster for Geisai #12

Geisai #12

at Tokyo Big Sight
in the Odaiba, Kachidoki area
This event has ended - (2009-03-08)

In Photo Reports by Katrina Grigg-Saito 2009-03-09

GEISAI ticket booth at Tokyo Big Sight.
Ryoko Arai's creative use of her booth.
Aya Minakawa creates trash made of rice kernels.
Sachiho Kondo's lipstick sculptures.
Dango Ozawa poses with her anime-inspired paintings.
Narumi Mogi and Yoshiko Watanabe's condom filled with water and a tiny camera-shy fish.Motonori Kawamura's paper sculpture.

Artist Mia Liu adjusts her sculptures made from used Guggenheim tickets from her days working at Visitor Services.
A close-up of Shuhei Yamada's plexiglass and gloss painting. The process takes one month.
The artist with the bottom half of his self-portrait.
Fareeza Terunuma sits in front of her graphic self-portraits.
All pieces are jurored. Writer Lily Franky looks on as Naoko Fukuda eagerly explains her work.
The main stage where the winners are announced late in the day.
Performance artists like last year’s silver medalist, unit. maker roamed the hall creating impromptu pieces.
Performance art group Miracle Passions went horribly awry with a black-face minstrel show.
Takahiro Ogihara and his tea-party set-up.
The food van.
Some, like Mayumi Okabe, focused on wearable-art.
T-Shirts by Shawn Miller.
Some pieces were more product-oriented, like G-Process's bowls.
Gaku Nakano traded paper bag wallets for whatever the viewer thought it was worth.
Artist Tsubasa Takahashi looks down a row of booths. Her ink work with office pens is in the foreground.

Katrina Grigg-Saito

Katrina Grigg-Saito. Born in Boston, but with her first memories of Hawaii, Katrina Toshiko Grigg-Saito arrived in Tokyo in December of 2007. She received her Master's from Boston University as an Earhart Fellow in Journalism and Sociology. Her work was on societal views of multi-racial identification, and took radio form in a piece she wrote and produced for NPR. From 2005-2006 she was a member of UnionDocs in NYC where she curated, performed, made art, wrote yellow arrows, orchestrated performance events and cooked massive dinners. As a dancer and actress she performed a lot, but liked most working as a dancer at the Joyce Soho in NYC on 29 Friends, playing a gang banger at the Huntington, singing at the Volksbühne in Berlin and being a company member/writer for the NY NeoFuturists. Now she writes for Skirt Magazine, Japan Times, Metropolis and is Vice Editor of this site here. » See other writings


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