Chim↑Pom Opening at Yamamoto Gendai

PR stunt artists or modern day Dadaists, love ’em or hate ’em, Chim↑Pom put on a good show.

poster for Chim Pom

Chim Pom "Good to be Human"

at Yamamoto Gendai
in the Tokyo: Others area
This event has ended - (2009-06-27 - 2009-07-25)

In Photo Reports by William Andrews 2009-06-29

After their recent come-back shows at Vacant and NADiff, and a ‘secret’ show at Mujinto Productions (where a penis was ‘displayed’), 2009 seems to be the Year of the Chim↑Pom. Their latest exhibition is at Shirokane’s Yamamoto Gendai Gallery and TABlog was at the opening reception.
Visitors were greeted by a scene of chaos on a lavatorial scale.
Visitors walked through the installation to view the details.But you had to be careful where you stepped.

People gravitated around the 'living Buddha' but seemed to ignore the poor guy.
An arrow pointed elusively to a wall.
The installation contained several TV screens displaying footage of the Chim↑Pom members cavorting. This one, however, was clearly not working.
'Kuru Kuru Party' is spelt out in an original way.
I heard the teddy bear had it coming.
The Chim↑Pom boys were present, adding some final touches of red wine.
I thought the exhibition had spilled out into the office. An embarrassed member of staff told me it was not meant to be seen.

There were some less graphic pieces.

William Andrews

William Andrews. William Andrews came to Japan in 2004. He first lived in Osaka, where he was a translator for Kansai Art Beat. Arriving in Tokyo in 2008, he now works as an writer, editor and translator. He writes a blog about Japanese radicalism and counterculture ( and one about Tokyo contemporary theatre ( He is the author of Dissenting Japan: A History of Japanese Radicalism and Counterculture, from 1945 to Fukushima. » See other writings


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