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poster for Kohei Nawa

Kohei Nawa "L_B_S"

at Maison Hermès
in the Ginza, Marunouchi area
This event has ended - (2009-06-19 - 2009-09-23)

poster for

"Bones" Exhibition

at 21_21 Design Sight
in the Roppongi, Nogizaka area
This event has ended - (2009-05-29 - 2009-08-30)

poster for ”Chilling in the Summer” Exhibition

”Chilling in the Summer” Exhibition

at Gallery Naruyama
in the Chiyoda area
This event has ended - (2009-08-17 - 2009-09-05)

poster for

"Stitch by Stitch: Traces I Made with Needle and Thread" Exhibition

at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
in the Ebisu, Daikanyama area
This event has ended - (2009-07-18 - 2009-09-27)

In Interviews by TABuzz 2009-08-24


“A Chorus Line” (musical) (August 12 to 30)
Bunkamura, Orchard Hall
A tear-jerker documentary-style story of auditions. Top songs and a top cast.
[Venue website]

“Chilling in the Summer” at Gallery Naruyama (August 17 to September 5)
Even at the height of summer this is the kind of gallery where cool people get together. I’m going to pay my respects to Mr. Naruyama…

Azumabashi Dance Xing, at Asahi Art Square (September 11 to 12)
Lots of familiar faces and few misses. Afterwards it’s off to Asakusa for some drinking!
[Event website]

“bones”, at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT (Until August 30)
From living things to products, you can learn about the beauty of bones. Seeing Eiji Yuzawa’s specimen photos alongside dismantled artificial limbs is startling.

Kohei Nawa, “L_B_S”, at Maison de Hermès (Until September 23)
This is my summer recommendation: the Jigokutani Onsen Series’ silicon oil. You’ll be relaxed before you know it…
Kohei Nawa, 'Liquid: PixCell_Saturation#2 (2009)
Mixed media

The Back Drops (gig) (August 21)
Tribal Village Asakusa
The saliva from the wild dog-like guitarist is one of the sounds of the summer!

“Night is Friendly”, Miraikan (planetarium preview)
A unique program from Shuntarou Tanikawa: a journey around the world according to the constellations. It was a good opportunity to change my perspective!

“Stitch by Stitch”, at Teien Art Museum (Until September 27)
A group exhibition of exceptionally beautiful work. All the works were in harmony with the Art Deco interior design of the museum.


Tribal Village Asakusa
Tetsuwari Arubatorosuketto (Crack Iron Albatrossket) members’ bar.
So comfy that you can stay until dawn. But sometimes it’s too wild!
[Venue website]

PLSMIS (Minami Aoyama)
I recently curated at this venue. I was there for two weeks but didn’t get sick of it. Sometimes it gets crazy, like you’re caught in a mosquito swarm attack!
[Venue website]
Eiji Yuzawa's animal bone photography at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT.

Ryuichi Tamura’s poetry
His dashing and smart style really hits me.


Not much because I don’t buy new things so much.
Well, I did get this repair metal putty stuff for emergencies…


Not much because I don’t go in for net-surfing so much!
Well, there is the Fukuhen blog to remind me about things…


Lots of simultaneous outdoor festivals!
It’s a tough time to do things on your own so events where several artists get together in the countryside seem to have increased. I’ve been invited to a few over the summer and autumn…It is surprisingly easy to tear down the monotony of daily life through a change in your surroundings!
Example: Spectacle in the Farm (Nasu highlands, September 26-27)

The trend for reunions is getting bigger?
And not just bands! Old enemies, your family…It seems that on a human level too we are getting ecological and recycling our connections!
Black Velvet gig at art bar Traumaris.

D-BROS unit (Yoshie Watanabe & Ryosuke Uehara)
It’s already been praised by others, but the unit produces great work that is fully of feminine and nostalgic motifs balanced with a contemporary feel.

Akito Inui (writer, leader of Crack Iron Albatrossket)
Recently he was nominated for the Akutagawa Prize. Proof that craziness over time can lead to something. Is he pioneering new forms with a genre of autobiographical novels free of complexes and traumas?
[Crack Iron Albatrossket homepage]

Frances Maya (vocalist)
Her crystal voice has this emotional punch that hits you in the chest. You’ll definitely get hooked on her purifying concerts.
The closing party at art bar Traumaris, February 2009.

The contemporary art scene has been changing but by seeing good works day-by-day my mind and spirit is healthy. The arts are like nourishing fresh vegetables!

Chie Sumiyoshi
Art editor and writer. Born in Tokyo. As well as writing for Art iT and Brutus she has been the owner of ‘art bar’ Traumaris for five years, and is currently preparing for a renewal opening. An uneducated idler with love in equal measures for cinema, music, theatre, literature and art.


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