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poster for Fujio Akatsuka Exhibition

Fujio Akatsuka Exhibition

at Matsuya Ginza
in the Ginza, Marunouchi area
This event has ended - (2009-08-26 - 2009-09-07)

poster for

"It's Back! Asakusa Tattoo Museum Exhibition"

at Tribal Village Asakusa
in the Ueno, Yanaka area
This event has ended - (2009-10-01 - 2009-10-31)

poster for

"Azumabashi Dance Xing"

at Asahi Art Square
in the Kiyosumi, Ryogoku area
This event has ended - (2009-09-11 - 2009-09-13)

In Interviews by TABuzz 2009-09-04

This edition of TABuzz is performer extraordinaire and writer Akihito Inui, leader of the troupe Crack Iron (Tetsuwari) Albatrossket and 2009 Akutagawa Prize nominee, soon to be performing in “Azumabashi Dance Xing”.


“Fujio Akatsuka exhibition”, at Matsuya Ginza (until September 7)
No more explanation, just feel it. Afterwards, head to an izakaya and just drink!

“It’s back! Asakusa Tattoo Museum Exhibition”, at Asakusa Tribal Village (October)
It’ll show the history of Asakusa Horicho I. A long time ago I went into the Asakusa Tattoo Museum show…it was so amazing I felt faint!

Keiokaku Yukan Rajihai, September 7 to 9 (Tokyo, Chofu)
Cycle racing. The stadium (Keikokaku) is close to the Tamagawa and so there’s a good wind.
[Official website]

Yarigatake, climbing season (Nagano)
Mountaineering. Before when I climbed it there was a storm and I couldn’t go to the summit, so I want to climb it again.


Tsurudake (Toyama)
It’s a mountain. I climbed it.
[Visit Toyama website entry]

J Teidanshou Rakugo-kai Shiki
, Dansho Tatekawa, Danshi Tatekawa (special guest)
Danshi Tatekawa is amazing! After that he retired but I celebrate his comeback.


Tribal Village Asakusa
The start point for any crawl around Asakusa. I can drink alcohol but I can also get wasted. In October there will be the “Asakusa Tattoo Museum” exhibition.
[Venue homepage]

Matsuri-yu (Asakusa)
After drinking I like to head to this sento [bath house] to cool down and relax. It’s great.
[Venue homepage]


Mogura Zuihitsu (Mole Essay), Choutarou Kawasaki
This is the third time I’ve read his ‘private life novels’ (I-Novel, 私小説). I’m impressed that there was an old guy as useless as this.
[Amazon link]

Izureha shinu mi (Ed./trans.: Motoyuki Shibata)
There’s a story in this book by Rick Bass, Ready, Almost Ready, and it’s the best.
[Amazon link]


Kinen Paipo (No-Smoking Pipe)
I don’t smoke but if I put in my mouth I relax, and the mint’s good.


Kokon Tosai Fuzoku Sanpo (Total Folk Walking)
I don’t know the writer but they really get around. The photos on the reports are nice.

Tengoku wa mizuwari no aji ga suru (Heaven tastes of whiskey and water)
Mr. Kyouichi Tsudzuki every week searches out snack bars (hostess clubs). Wow.


There seems to be a real Fujisan climbing book but I think that Yakushima or, for sure, the Kita Alps are better. I don’t mean in a spiritual way, just in terms of nature. Oh, and onsen.


Yokou Yamashita
I’ve known him for a long time…but he’s a strange one.
[Artist blog]

One is a member of Tetsuwari while the other makes books. An abysmal naturalist partnership!


They say there are no mountains in Tokyo but at any rate I go walking…

Akihito Inui
Born 1971 in Tokyo. Leader of performance group Tetsuwari Albatrossket. Recently has also been writing novels and his collection Mazui Supu (Disgusting Soup) will be on sale from the end of September. The next full Tetsuwari performance will be in November at Shimokitazawa Suzunari.
[Crack Iron Albatrossket homepage]


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