Complaints Choir in Tokyo

The Complaints Choir of Tokyo invited people living in and around the city to complain about anything they want and to sing their complains together with fellow complainers.

In TAB Video by Yelena Gluzman 2009-11-28

Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen started the Complaints Choir project in 2005, and since then people all over the world have asked them to make Complaint Choirs for their cities and communities. The Tokyo Complaints Choir is the last one the artists will make, and it will be followed by an exhibit at the Mori Art Museum tracing the history of the project in videos.

A video installation about the Complaints Choir Project will be shown at the Mori Art Museum from November 28 until February 2010 as part of MAM Project 10.

For more information about the Complaints Choir in Tokyo, see the official website.

Yelena Gluzman

Yelena Gluzman. Yelena Gluzman is a theater artist. She makes full-scale performance works with her company Science Project, in Tokyo and abroad. She is a freelance videographer and teaches scientific writing at Tokyo University. Soon, she will be the co-director of the Corpo Plumhill Playhouse, a make-shift theater/conference room/exhibition space/publishing hut/secret bar/alienation center/screening room/library near Shimokitazawa. Contact her at: yelenagluzman [at] gmail [dot] com » See other writings


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