Turning Pages, Rewinding Tapes

The artist initiative commandN’s two decades of exploring “gaps and crevices” in Tokyo.

poster for commandN 20th Anniversary: Turning a New Page!

commandN 20th Anniversary: Turning a New Page!

at 3331 Arts Chiyoda
in the Chiyoda area
This event has ended - (2017-10-20 - 2017-11-19)

In Reviews by Simon DeBoer 2017-11-18

commandN, 'Tokyo Rabbit Paradise Project' installation viewcommandN 20th Anniversary: Turning a New Page! launched last month at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. The exhibit presents an archive of key work from the Tokyo art group, including documentation of chats called “powwows,” information and photographs on past works, and installations from major projects.

On opening night, members including founder Masato Nakamura got together for old times’ sake, chatting over glasses of champagne; they discussed a twenty-year history together and growing up in a life with art.

The space is an unusual navigational experience of discovery. Upon entry, you are presented with a map to explore rooms filled with installations and walls upon walls of chronological archives.

Video installations such as “Akihabara TV” (1999, 2000, 2002) reimagine the original work and showcase an awe-inspiring collection of clips. The well-preserved “Tokyo Rabbit Paradise Project” installation of blue houses with classic Macintosh computers invites audiences to crawl in and interact with the group’s work.

commandN’s projects evolve over the 20 years from early reactions to the coming digital age to progressions into the 21st century. Spanning across numerous mediums, platforms and modes of presentation, this exhibit provides a stimulating journey through a wide breadth of work. Please note that little English is provided for the text-heavy sections of the show.

On the last day (Sunday, November 19th), a “Kneading Dada” project that involves community interaction will be open from noon. Kneading Dada is an older project that expands upon “Neo Dadaism” and continues the ideas of the original movement rejecting established order. To another 20 years of commandN!

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