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The 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival

poster for 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Exhibition of Award-winning Works

22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Exhibition of Award-winning Works

at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
in the Odaiba, Kachidoki area
This event has ended - (2019-06-01 - 2019-06-16)

In Reviews by Terrance Young 2019-06-10

App demo of 'Linne Lens' by Linne Lens Production TeamThe intersection of media and art begs the question, “What are the lines between aesthetics, commercialism, and the format in which the work is presented?” Started in 1997, the Japan Media Arts Festival takes a stab at answering this question for the 22nd time with a selection of works chosen from 4,384 entries from 102 countries.

Held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (a.k.a. Miraikan), this year’s festival is organized into four divisions: Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga. Some of the selected works, such Entertainment Division winner Chico Will Scold You and the Manga Division winner Origin represent the more mainstream mediums of television and comic books. Other exhibitions, such as the installation Lasermice, with its clattering electronic rodents, are a more startling combination of tech-nology and the senses.

A work from 'watage' by (euglena)

Media installation 'Lasermice' by So Kanno

Visitors will have plenty of animated films, manga, mobile apps, and other multimedia to take note of for later viewing or downloading. However, the quirkier installations and artsier exhibits may be the more intriguing and challenging takeaways from the exhibition.

By Terrance Young

Terrance Young

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