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Complaints Choir in Tokyo

Yelena Gluzman 2009-11-28

The Complaints Choir of Tokyo invited people living in and around the city to complain about anything they want and to sing their complains together with fellow complainers.


Video Tape for Fun

Yelena Gluzman 2009-05-25

TAB Video talked to artist Shantell Martin just before she left Japan and recorded one of her projects.

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Yokohama Triennale 2008: Aki Sasamoto

Yelena Gluzman 2008-10-10

NY-based artist Aki Sasamoto explains her exploration of memory, daily life and habit through performance and installation art.

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Yokohama Triennale 2008: Joan Jonas

Yelena Gluzman 2008-10-07

With a solo show at Wako Works of Art to coincide with her participation in the triennale, the performance artist talks to TAB about myth, literature and Dante.


Graphic Design to Painting

Aneta Glinkowska 2008-01-27

Akiyoshi Mishima might be better known as a member of artist group Enlightenment, but he also works on his own. TAB talked with Mishima in a noisy square of the Shanghai’s artist village during the ShContemporary 2007 Art Fair.


Sidney Pink: Sci-Fi Retro Meets Anime Cool

Kevin Mcgue 2008-01-13

An interview with Sidney Pink, a Japan-based American artist, whose show “The Vostok 40” is currently being held at the Pink Cow in Shibuya.


Looking Back at ShContemporary 2007

Aneta Glinkowska 2007-11-23

TAB took a look around ShContemporary 2007, Asia’s newest art fair.


Peering into the Goldfish Bowl

Kevin Mcgue 2007-11-20

Keiichi Tanaami works in animation, painting, and sculpture. Goldfish are a common motif in all of these media. Tokyo Art Beat talked to Tanaami before the opening of his exhibition “Daydream” at Nazuka Gallery to learn why goldfish play such an important role in his work.


Kurikku! Tokyo Art Beat’s 3rd Anniversary Party

Yelena Gluzman 2007-11-03

This October, TAB celebrated its 3rd birthday in style at Super Deluxe in Roppongi.


TAB T-shirt Designer Interview: Tomoko Konoike

Fuyuko Sugiura 2007-10-23

Artist and illustrator Tomoko Konoike talks to TAB about her background in animation and her “Tokyo Wolfing Project” design.


TAB T-shirt Designer Interview: Dainippon Type Organization

Fuyuko Sugiura 2007-10-06

Hidechika and Tetsuya Tsukada talk to TAB about the interlocking typography of their “Yin & Yang Tokyo” design.


Performative Acts in Video

Aneta Glinkowska 2007-09-20

Hiroharu Mori, who is showing at the Venice Biennale, talks about how living between cultures has influenced his work.


When our future is in danger, our past is also in danger

Aneta Glinkowska 2007-09-14

A look at the work inside the Japanese Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.


Kisho Kurokawa on the Nakagin Capsule Building

Jason Gray 2007-08-10

Built in 1972, the Nakagin Capsule Building has been an icon of Tokyo’s postwar architectural landscape, and yet has been poorly maintained. It now potentially faces demolition.


TAB T-shirt Designer Interview: Ayako Ookubo

Fuyuko Sugiura 2007-08-03

TAB talks to the woman behind the “Dollar vs Yen” design.


Ancient Motifs in Contemporary Painting

Aneta Glinkowska 2007-07-27

TAB caught up with painter and sculptor Izumi Kato at the Venice Biennale, where he talked to us about the ideas behind his work.


Highlights of the Refugee Film Festival

Yelena Gluzman 2007-07-17

Kirill Konin talks about some of the films that can help us understand the lives of refugees.


Kisho Kurokawa on Building the National Art Center

Jason Gray 2007-07-03

Construction materials, committees and budgets: the challenges of realizing a national museum.


Interviews with the TAB T-shirt Designers: Season 2

Aneta Glinkowska 2007-03-29

Here are the interviews with 4 of the artists who designed the 2nd TAB T-shirt collection, released last fall. They talk about the concept of the shirts and their other works. Those who already bought the shirts, or those who would like to buy some, please check this out.


Butoh Performance at Tokyo Gallery + BTAP

Ashley Rawlings 2007-03-22

To mark the opening of his solo exhibition “A sense of de-tach-ment”, Riichi Yamaguchi invited Butoh dancer Yasuchika Konno to perform on and around his work.

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Leon Golub Exhibition: Interview with Martina Batan

Aneta Glinkowska 2006-12-18

This is an interview with Martina Batan of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York. It was recorded at Wako Works of Art, where the Leon Golub exhibition was brought.


Videos of Interview with Bill Viola

Aneta Glinkowska 2006-10-30

This interview with Bill Viola was conducted in the opening week of his retrospective Hatsu-Yume (First Dream) at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.


Reed Space. Interviews with Tomato, Staple, freshnessmag.

Aneta Glinkowska 2006-10-18

This video features short interviews with Simon Taylor of Tomato, jeffstaple of Staple Design and with a photographer from freshnessmag.


Interview: Yukie Kamiya, curator; Gabriel Lester and Jordan Wolfson, artists.

Aneta Glinkowska 2006-10-08

This TAB Video features Yukie Kamiya, curator and two artists, Gabriel Lester and Jordan Wolfson. They take part in the gallery show entitled “For Four Hands,” which is now at Wako Works of Art.


Video Interviews: “Art Scope 2005/2006” at Hara Museum

Aneta Glinkowska 2006-10-01

An introduction by a Hara Museum curator Atsuo Yasuda.


Videos of the documenta 12 press conference

Aneta Glinkowska 2006-09-25

These video were recorded at a small press conference given by the curator of documenta 12 curator and the editor of the documenta magazine, held at Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills.


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