Chaire : Karamono Ware Tea Containers

Nezu Institute of Fine Arts

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A tea container is a small earthen pot used for making tea in tea ceremonies, and is one of the most valued tea ustensils. The tea ceremony took root in Japan in the Muromachi period, and during the ruling of the eighth shogunate Ashikaga Yoshimasa (1436-90) when the Higashiyama culture blossomed, shoin-style tea ceremony developed based on imported Chinese items, which were called karamono. Recently in China, an ancient kiln was discovered and was thought to include a pottery sherd which resembled the karamono ware tea containers, which spread throughout Japan. However, it is still too soon for speculation, due to lack of evidence. The research of tea containers has been pursued based on literary documents and customs, but in this exhibition, we would like to present rare and precious examples of karamono ware tea containers from our museum collection, and also from Seto and Satsuma, and offer the opportunity for everyone to think about their origin and their development.



From 2005-05-14 To 2005-06-26



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