Tadashi Kawamata "Walkway"

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

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Tadashi Kawamata is a "walkway." Tracing his journey over the past 30 years, from 1978 to 2008, we see that his career has been a continuing attempt to connect -- and be a "walkway" between art and the everyday. Kawamata's new project will turn the art museum into a "walkway." A walkway is an intermediate territory or threshold, a detour between two places or else a contact zone. The art museum is usually perceived as a storehouse or display area. By perceiving it as a "walkway" on which people come and go, how will Kawamata alter its spaces and its functions?

Using this keyword, "walkway," as a lamp, viewers will survey the works he has created since his student days, including unfinished projects and those yet to begin. As they come and go on this "walkway," furthermore, they will observe people holding meetings, laboring, and engaging in dialogues, and may even find involvement in such activity. Tadashi Kawamata's "Walkway" is the practice of reconstructing experiences related to everyday life. Working without beginning or end, he creates an autonomous place in order to work free from limitation by goals or norms.

[Image: "Working Progress" Alkmaar (1996-1999) Photo (c) www.leovanderkleij.com]



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donald_japantimes: (2008-02-28 at 16:02)

Human reeds swaying in a museum maze
By Donald Eubank
Japan Times Staff writer

"I had been studying oil painting, but I wasn't really interested in painting. I just enjoyed standing in front of a canvas in the studio," says Kawamata at the MOT last Friday. "People were watching the models and then looking at the canvas, and back, so they were constantly moving between their canvases. I was really interested in this 'passing' between these walls and this constant motion. It was more interesting than any painting ... "


boiboi: (2008-04-10 at 16:04)

絵画があるようでもない、現代アートですかね はやりのインスタレーションというやつですかね
「これで1000円・・・」 か 「これで1000円!!?」 と思うかは、その人次第。


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