"MOT Annual 2008 Unraveling and Revealing" Exhibition

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

poster for "MOT Annual 2008 Unraveling and Revealing" Exhibition

This event has ended.

The group exhibition "MOT Annual" started in 1999 to introduce young artists whose works take a set theme that reflects the times and contemporary direction in art. This year's theme was "to unravel." We are surrounded by things and information that on the one hand make our lives richer, and on the other complicate our judgment on what is good or bad, true or false. Unraveling these matters sometimes reveals a hidden composition that lies under the surface. Works by 5 artists who attempt to express a unique world view by dismantling and unraveling matters are on display.

-Artist Talk-
February 9th (Sat), 15:00- Aiko Tezuka
February 23rd (Sat), 15:00- Teppei Kaneuji
March 8th (Sat), 15:00- Toshiaki Hicosaka
March 22nd (Sat), 15:00- Mariko Takahashi
April 5th (Sat), 15:00- Fumio Tachibana

-Curator Talk by Mihoko Nishikawa
March 9th (Sun), 15:00-
March 23rd (Sun), 15:00-
April 6th (Sun), 15:00-

[Image: Teppei Kaneuji Referenced work "Droplet and Fragment" (2007) Provided by the Japan Foundation, Photography by Yan Da Wei]



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yourboringandpatheticart: (2008-02-18 at 09:02)

it is a great thing to have an artist showing on the first 2 floors of this space finally after a looonnnngggg hiatus from participating in the ART world this museum is finally poised for a decent show again (the first since Hiroshi Nakamura).

The funny thing about Tadashi Kawamata, is that he renders the kids on the top floor as mere amateurs who are playing with tinker-toys to his architecture. Instead of promoting weak boring and pathetic artworks from Kodama Gallery, Tomio Koyama, Koyonagi... (do i sense a repeated conflict of interest?) The "museum" ought to have left Kawamata to take over the whole half of the gallery instead of embarassing itself with foolish Rube Goldbergian/Kay Sage— Yves Tanguy's wife—knockoffs like we are in the Chinatown market fo art tchotchkes and kitsch photos of first year students doing the most imaginative subject: Barbie wow that is a first! never would have thought of that one. Kawamata renders these kids as little jokey trivial farts.

boiboi: (2008-04-10 at 15:04)

金氏徹平さん の作品が特に面白かった。
ポップ というものが私は好きではありませんが、このおバカすぎるポップさは、むしろものすごい好みです。


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