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Ranging from cutting-edge contemporary works, modern painting, and uniquely Japanese art such as nihonga and ukiyoe, to antique art and other traditional art forms, Art Fair Tokyo transcends genres to bring the most exquisite art to connoisseurs who demand true quality. It is Japan's largest art fair, showcasing about one hundred galleries that have passed a rigorous selection process. In today's Japan, people have become aware of the importance of spiritual richness that cannot be obtained through material affluence. In keeping with Tokyo's role as a global cultural leader, Art Fair Tokyo aims to enrich lives by conveying the wonder of art to a wide range of people from experts, collectors, and art lovers, to newcomers who buy their first work of art. Art Fair Tokyo encourages anyone to encounter the art world and bring art into your life.

A guided tour of this art fair will be conducted for those who are visiting an art fair for the first time, or looking for advice on buying a piece of art. Nationally and internationally active art writers, artists, collectors navigate you through the fair for about 45 minutes. Please refer to the homepage for more details.

Talk Series “Dialogues in Art”

April 10th (Tue)
"Taoism Transforming Art", 16:00-17:30
Noritoshi Hirakawa, Artist
Seigo Matsuoka, Editorial Engineering Laboratory

"The Value of Art", 18:30-20:00
Yuji Yamashita, Art Historian
Kenta Oka, Comedian

April 11th (Wed)
"Art Web Meeting 01", 16:00-17:30
Tetsuya Ozaki, Real Tokyo & ARTiT, Publisher/Editor in Chief
Kosuke Fujitaka, Paul Baron, Olivier Thereaux, Tokyo Art Beat, Co-founders
Yumiko Haruki, artscape, Webmaster

"New Visions of Museums", 18:30-20:00
Soichiro Fukutake, Chairman Fukutake Naoshima Art Foundation
Fumio Nanjo, Director Mori Art Museum
Jun Aoki, Architect

(All the talks and symposium will be conducted in Japanese.)



From 2007-04-10 To 2007-04-12
Opening Hours: April 10th (Tue) 11:00-20:00, 11th (Wed) 11:00-21:00, 12th (Thu) 11:00-17:00



Ashley Rawlings tablog review

The Market of the Mediocre - Art Fair Tokyo 2007

Whether it’s a folding screen you’re after, kimono, ukiyoe prints, ceramics, photography, installation or even a Steinway piano, chances are that Art Fair Tokyo 2007 has it.

Paul Baron tablog review

April talks

In April, we will be participating in 2 talks, one as part of the Double Cast event held at the Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo event space and one as part of the Art Fair Tokyo 2007. Please come & participate in the discussions!

Yukiko Ishii tablog review



Kosuke Fujitaka tablog review

Art Fair 東京のトークにTABが参加! 明日4月11日(水)16時より


donald_japantimes: (2007-04-10 at 12:04)

An art market in the making
Art Fair Tokyo's Misa Shin discusses Japan's art scene
By Donald Eubank
Japan Times Staff Writer

"Museums, galleries, critics and historians -- whoever is involved in the art world -- they have to be aware that they are supporting artists. In order for the art world to become an art industry, we definitely need the commercial side, as well as the artistic side ..."

hokkamuri: (2007-04-11 at 01:04)

トーキョー・アートロニカ >> アートフェア東京 2007 一日目に行って来た

donald_japantimes: (2007-04-12 at 12:04)

Something for everyone
By Monty DiPietro
Japan Times New Art Seen

An art fair, with its aisles of booths, complementary plastic cups of cheap wine, and most of all its short run and demystifying price tags, plays a welcome role as a sort of outreach program -- For a few days, elitism is all but banished, replaced by an inclusive, "art for all" atmosphere ...

rousoku: (2007-04-12 at 23:04)

Today is the last day of Art Fair Tokyo, the Japanese art event held at Tokyo International Forum. Last held in 2005, the 2007 event is bigger and more heavily promoted than the previous year, as many Japanese art insiders sense an increasing interest in Japanese contemporary art. Could the Japanese art market be getting ready to make like China and explode? Time will tell. For now, let's take a look at Art Fair Tokyo...

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