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NTT ICC Inter Communication Center

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This event has ended.

This exhibition investigates the existence and past of light, a phenomenon too self-evident to warrant much reflection; its present state and future possibilities, examined through the lens of "perception." It casts new light on the topic from a viewpoint that transcends both art and science.

Light is not only closely intertwined with our bodily and perceptual sensations and situations in daily life, but also a fundamental medium that makes visible a diverse range of objects, things and situations. Forms of life and the environment as a whole depend on sunlight to create and maintain ecosystems. As for human beings, light is not only a matter of existence and survival, but also a spiritual and mental guide, assigned religious, scientific and philosophical significance. Above all, the development of optical studies since the Renaissance gave birth to laws of perspective, assisted by the advent of the camera obscura, followed by other optical devices and visual systems that in turn led to new forms of artistic expression. During the Enlightenment period, light also became a crucial metaphor and visualization of knowledge and the world.

This exhibition tracks changes in our bodily awareness and perception of notions, phenomena and processes brought about by continually expanding optical technologies, introducing a number of experimental works and projects that allow us to experience unique forms of vision.

Talk events and lectures also scheduled. See website for details.




Gary McLeod tablog review

Shine a Light

A new interactive show plays with visitors and their expectations, but does the novelty wear off?

mari_chiquitita: (2009-01-18)

I entered a dark room. The walls were coated with slight green light.
Suddenly something flashed at the center of the room then I saw my black shadow printed on the green wall...
It chilled my back.
There was something terrifying about the experience.

inostill: (2009-02-23)

kico16: (2009-04-30)



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