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Tokyo Wonder Site, Shibuya

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Centering on a series of new works entitled "Picture of Garbage" (2008), this exhibition showcases a total of 40 works by Vik Muniz, most of which are being exhibited for the first time in Japan. Muniz's art is distinguished by the media used to construct his work. He works with everyday materials like sugar, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, metal fragments and fallen leaves, things that excite the senses of the viewer through their sense of transience. It was at the beginning of the 1990s when Muniz established his signature style, in which a sculptural quality is achieved using only two-dimensional surfaces. By mixing two modes of expression, Muniz continues to inquire into what painting and photography really are.

The highlight of this exhibition is a series entitled "Picture of Garbage." The titles of the 7 pieces include "Atlas", "Mother and Child" and "the Death of Marat," all of whose postures are taken from mythical and historical figures. These works were created through a collaboration with people working at Jardim Gramacho in Rio de Janeiro, the biggest landfill in South America. These workers served as models for Muniz, who depicted them on a canvas measuring as large as two basketball courts, and then shot pictures of it. By involving people from all over the world in his creative process, Muniz continues his tireless progression as an artist.

This project is part of "Agenda of Art", a series that TWS launched this year with the aim of tackling new issues relating to the environment and art.

-Artist Talk by Vik Muniz
Date: November 23rd (Sun) 15:00-17:00
Admission: Free

[Image: "Atlas (Pictures of Garbage)" (2008) Digital C Print, 229.83cm×180.34cm]



From 2008-11-22 To 2009-03-01
Closed between December 29th and January 5th


Vik Muniz



William Andrews tablog review

Art in a Handful of Dirt

Vik Muniz’s works offer new ways to view both society and famous paintings.

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ヴィック・ムニーズ 「ビューティフル・アース」


bidulo: (2008-12-17)

A small but well-put together exhibition. That body of work revolves around trash and rubbish. Make sure you watch through the video part to see how his stuff comes into being.

takatokyo: (2009-01-19)

yourboringandpatheticart: (2009-01-27)

Well about 20 years late and 18 years stale. In the beginning with his sugar drawings he seemed to have promise, but over the years Muniz has become more of a familiar schtick riding on his past and his, "OH SO COOL" technique. What questions arise? anythign that we have not heard in the last 30+ years. One, this one in particular, sees a strategy to be famous taking precedence over content and honesty of thought or probing. More of the same = morte of interest. Considering where it is t gets accolades for the "curators" to know who he is, but i am sure we can trace Muniz to a local gallery for that tidbt of mind blowing news and sourcing. It is what I expected, he fails to surprise or incite further probing or analysis, and wasnt that show last seson at NOA more than enough? one lame show by same "artist" show per 3-5 years is more than enough. Lets not squander the potential ofTWS on stale tarento that IS BEING ERASED from HISTORY FOR ITS SHORT comings and try to push art making forward into the bounds of expanded perception.

donald_japantimes: (2009-02-05)

Finding beauty in a world of waste
Japan Times Staff writer

"If we live in a creative universe, we are constantly pushing the chaos out of the way to protect ourselves from the nonlogical — the natural," muses Vik Muniz at an interview late last year at Tokyo Wonder Site. "Even when you think, you create waste. But everything is made in a way to conceal the waste."

michael: (2009-02-27)



ramarama: (2009-03-01)

Vik Munizは私の好きな作家のひとりで、

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