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For this exhibition, six artists from Japan, China and Korea exhibit works that draw attention to the imaginary side of photography, the virtual dimension of the media which is thought to produce just a copy of an existing reality.

Our critical aims are, first, to present the photograph as the product of a deliberate intellectual and emotional gesture, where the button of a camera is pressed with a philosophical attitude. We present photographers that work out the "imaginary" of photography, rather than catch a peculiar moment or bizarre object. Second, we would like not just to insist on the "painterly" dimensions of photography, but to push this claim to its radical edge, namely, to present photography that aims at picturing something that exists neither in daily reality nor the human imagination. In other words, this exhibition attempts to present photography of the unimaginable. Thirdly, this exhibition of works hopes to draw attention to photography itself as a medium through its historical or anthropological aspects.

The challenge of this exhibition lies in finding the photo-imaginary in daily life or garbage itself, while simultaneously resisting photography as daily life or garbage. In this search for the unreal, we are not heading for a church or UFO evidence site. On the contrary, for the photography of the nonexistent we look to something that always presents itself as being very real or even banal. Specifically, we are taking the photo camera into the forest (Aramasa Taku), paying attention to daily landscapes (Furuya Man), approaching the body (Riichi Yamaguchi), observing city walls (Shigeki Yoshida), studying old buildings (Koh Myung Keun), or photographing piles of old things and garbage itself (Song Dong). This is the way in which this exhibition overcomes the notion of "the photograph as daily life and garbage" with the help of literal photographs of daily life and garbage...



From 2009-07-08 To 2009-08-08



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