"Unfamiliar Landscape" Exhibition

Yamamoto Gendai

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This group exhibition showcases "unfamiliar landscapes" by four artists - Tiger Tateishi, Keisuke Tanaka, Natsumi Hirakawa and Shoko Matsumiya. These works represent a compilation of imaginary worlds assembled from a selection of commonplace, almost banal places and people whose "unfamiliarity" tends to be overlooked.

Tiger Tateishi is an art veteran who has been active since the 1960s. Although he has since extended his practice to other areas, his legacy includes a number of fresh, vibrant paintings and sculptures that continue to exert a considerable influence on creators and artists in a wide range of media. At this exhibition, Tateishi is showing several small paintings that have not been previously exhibited, including several greenish landscapes.

Keisuke Tanaka is a young artist working with wooden sculptures who just held a solo exhibition at Yamamoto Gendai last year. He has been making massive sculptures, works that look like the foundational pillars found in buildings, reliefs and unique pieces that apply a layer of colored acrylic paint on top of classical-looking wooden carvings. These sculptures seem to have been designed by isolating and slicing away a part of a natural landscape, but a closer inspection reveals them to be a uniformly-planted mountain or forest, or some other humorous rendition of place: small graves, Ferris wheels, torii gates found in Shinto shrines, and more. Tanaka is showing all new works at this exhibition, including various small landscapes and wooden carvings painted with acrylic.

Shoko Matsumiya is a glass artist whose work was shown at the group exhibition held to mark Yamamoto Gendai's shift to its current premises in Shirokanedai, "Dream of the Skull." Her works are made up of extremely delicate glass shards that threaten to wound the viewer wherever their hand may stray. Despite their cold appearance, Matsumiya's glass installations also have a certain organic quality. For this show, Matsumiya is showing an installation that extends from the ceiling to the floor like a mass of beautiful mold, or a herd of marine creatures.

Natsumi Hirakawa's new works are paintings of various strange landscapes that lie scattered throughout Japan - improvised drawings executed with rapid strokes. After dropping out of art school, Hirakawa devoted herself to working at home, producing paintings with an exceptionally critical gaze directed towards reality, replacing the unremarkable landscapes we take for granted into something altogether more unfamiliar.



From 2009-08-22 To 2009-09-12



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