Motohiko Odani "SP4 'the specter' in modern sculpture"

Yamamoto Gendai

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At this solo exhibition, Odani presents a series of life-sized figures on horseback and female nudes - perhaps two of the original prototypes of sculpture as a medium.

Figurative expression in terms of modern sculpture in Japan has mostly been influenced by European and American artists beginning with Rodin, within a largely closed and isolated environment. Even now, these values with respect to figurative sculptures of the human body still have a fervent sense of faith about them. Artists treat the history of modern Japanese sculpture as a zombified area of expertise - dead, but still kicking. Odani, a contemporary sculptor who traces his history further back than the modern era, reinterpreting that history and incorporating what he has learned into his work, showcases here equestrian figures and female nudes that attempt to transcend this chronology.

Furthermore, Odani has incorporated the concept of this "zombification" into these works by giving sculptural form to the "zombie-like existence that resides in the human brain." In this way he offers an alternative interpretation of the equestrian figure that used to extol the virtues of brave men, or the female nude that served as a paean to feminine beauty.



From 2009-04-04 To 2009-05-02


Motohiko Odani



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