"Internet Art Future: Reality in Post Internet Era" Exhibition

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In the early 1990s, commercial services were first made available in the Japanese realms of the Internet. The subsequent development of broadband connections, and the popularization of so-called smartphones and other pocket-sized terminals paved the way for 24/7 Internet layering of reality and information that takes place here, one may describe the present situation as a constant back-and-forth between real environments and the virtual world of the Internet.

The Internet enables us to figure out what relatives, friends and acquaintances, and eventually even unknown and unseen people in other parts of the world are doing right now. The background of this is defined by data of individual Internet users recording/discribing themselves and their habits. The community of Facebook users has grown to global scale, and it is said that approximately one million images and about two hundred million messages are posted every day on Flickr and Twitter respectively. These numbers alone are so large that a human lifetime is not enough to view them all.

Such data is being openly modified, processed and reconfigured as necessary through the respective services' application programming interfaces (API). The frequent trade of data between different services reflects a reinforcement of mutual connections, and in the present day the Internet itself is definitely penetrating our conscious mind as a medium that mirrors everyday life. Quite certainly, this is where new, different kinds of realities, textures, modes of communication, and ideas of human life are being generated.

Focusing on “post Internet” art originating in present-day network environments generated in a world in which the Internet has become an everyday matter, and reality is being subsumed in the world of information, this exhibition examines previous examples of artistic work, and attempts to offer a preview of future developments of the Internet in connection with art.


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hagiwara: (2012-03-08)

3/08 行って来ました。
う~ん! 心や身体で感じるとのは、違うかな?
同時開催の「オープンスペース2011」の作品は正直分けわからなかった。仮想現実や感覚錯誤って? エッシャーの作品と今回の作品はどう違うの?

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