New Tokyo Art Beat T-shirts: Fall 2008

2 duos of artists and designers, one from Japan and one from Switzerland but based in Tokyo, share their intricate views of the city that we love with 2 new great TAB T-shirt designs.

In TAB News by Paul Baron 2008-10-23

Appenzell TYO by So+Ba

So+Ba is Alex [So]nderegger + Susanna [Ba]er, a Swiss duo that has been working in Tokyo for more than 10 years. They are active in the field of graphic design, art direction and VJing, and they teach typography at Tama Art University. Pingmag has a lengthy interview with them, a must-read!

For TAB, they created a design inspired by the traditional silhouetted paper cut-out art from the Swiss alpine region of “Appenzell”. The twist is that all the design cues were replaced by scenes and symbols that populate daily life in Tokyo — a wonderfully intricate design!

Their shirt is available in 2 colours.

Huge Tokyo Mansion by Paramodel

Paramodel are Yasuhiko Hayashi and Yusuke Nakano, an artist duo from Eastern Osaka formed in 2001. Their graffiti-style rail track landscape art is unique and has made them one of the leaders of the latest generation of Japanese artists and a fixture at art fairs and festivals around Japan. Pingmag has also conducted a lengthy interview with them, another must-read!

For TAB, they created a patchwork of apartment layout plans found in Japanese real estate agencies to create a huge fictional mansion that spells out the 3 kanji 大東京 (大: Big, Grand, 東京: Tokyo). They say:

This design is a homage to self-built, self-renovated architecture, like the Sawada mansion complex in Kouchi prefecture, the now-demolished Gunkan apartment block in Osaka, and the Kowloon Walled City in China. Tokyo’s distinctive characteristic lies in the fact that this huge city is made out of dense arrangements of small houses and buildings. We wanted to create a huge “Tokyo” out of these little bits and pieces of apartment layouts.

Their shirt is available in 2 colours.

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Paul Baron

Paul Baron. Born in 1977 in Paris. After graduating in 2002 from the London College of Communication, he moved to Tokyo to taste Japan's powerful visual culture. After 3 years at Honda R&D as an interaction designer and his 2004 launch of Tokyo Art Beat with Olivier and Kosuke, he now works as a usability and information designer at AQ, a Tokyo-based design & web agency. After-hours, he enjoys holding on to his rapidly fading unofficial title for biggest visitor of art exhibits in Tokyo and baking all sorts of cakes in his new Ikea kitchen. » See other writings


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