"Fireworks in the Edo Period" Exhibition

Ota Memorial Museum of Art

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This event has ended.

60 ukiyoe paintings, sketches and prints depicting fireworks in the Edo period.
Bring your family - worksheets (English included) for children will be available.
[Hiroshige Utagawa, 'Ryogoku Fireworks']



From 2006-08-01 To 2006-08-26
Closed from August 27 - 31



KinjoAkihito: (2006-08-15 at 23:08)


pbyjp: (2006-08-27 at 00:08)

A great opportunity to discover the popular scenes accompanying early/mid 18th century fireworks festivals around the Tokyo area, the series of river bank landscapes and close-ups on crowds and boats managed to expose all the little rituals (types of food, drinks, entertainment) happening during the festivities.
I was particularly impressed by efforts made to detail and explain the different types of fireworks, their names, as well as diagrams of their internal organs.
But most surprising were probably the colours. High contrasts and strong hues were replaced by fewer colours, lighter and dominated by a pale red. Were those deliberate choices to picture early evening colours, night scenes lit by single-hue fireworks or something else? I was not able to tell unfortunately, despite the welcome English caption attached to more than half of the prints (bravo!!).
But this was of course refreshing, OTA's shows are always a pleasure, my definite top 5 venues in Tokyo. You cannot go wrong!

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