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How do we live in the city of the future and make a "better" way of life for ourselves?

Contemporary cities provide us with many conveniences, such as efficient labor, comfortable living environments, and bases for the generation of new culture and art. However, on the other hand, the centralization of such functions has invited unforeseen troubles and accidents, and excessive concern about defense has given rise to inhuman systems that have had a negative effect on society.

The role of culture and art in cities has also changed. Culture and art have developed rapidly in the modern age, during which people have moved into cities in great numbers and artistic discourse has proliferated. In the post-modern age however, in which all sense of independence has been lost, people are searching for ways of connecting with society, through points of view relating to regional services, education and welfare. Contemporary art is no exception.

The artists taking part (Tomoko Iwata, Chika Kato, Tetsuro Kano, Shiotsu Junji, Sohei Nishino, Ritsuko Yamashita, and Paramodel) make works that adopt themes such as cities and the urban landscape, the people and animals that live in them, and the earth and environment as a whole. Through these works, this exhibition encourages viewers to engage in a "Dialogue with the City" and asks us to consider how we should live in the urban environment and what we expect of the role of culture and art in the cites of the future.

Related Events:
*Need exhibition entrance ticket to attend
[Gallery Talk]
September 1st (Sat) 16:00-17:00, 18:00-19:00
Maximum of 15 people each session

[Guest Talk]
September 8th (Sat) 19:30-21:30
Guest: Noboru Tsubaki (Artist)
Charge: ¥500

September 9th (Sun) 6:00-18:00
Guest: Chieko Kinoshita (Lecturer of The Osaka University Center for the Study of Communication-Design/ Art Producer of Kobe Art Village Center)
Charge: ¥500

September 15th (Sat) 19:30-21:30
Guest Talk by Masataka Baba (Architect/ representative of Open A)
Charge: ¥500

[City Walk]
September 16, Sunday 14:00-17:00
City Walk navigated by Makoto Hashimoto, the curator of this exhibition
Maximum of 10 people (minimum of 4 people)
Charge: ¥1500 (Actual cost such as traveling expense is not included)

This exhibition will travel to Kobe Art Village Center.
September 22nd (Sat) - October 7th (Sun)

Please see the website for more details.

[Image: paramodel "phantom-graffiti (metal mold factory of night)" 2006 (c) paramodel / photo: paramodel]



From 2007-09-01 To 2007-09-17
Open Hours: 11:30-19:00



Kosuke Fujitaka tablog review

The Opening of "Dialogue with the City"

On September 1st, "Dialogue with the City", a group show of seven young artists from the Kanto and Kansai areas of Japan opened at BankART NYK in Yokohama. TABlog's Japanese editor Makoto Hashimoto is an independent curator, and he organized this show, which will travel to Kobe later on. There are many talk events taking place each weekend. Go enjoy the show!

Kosuke Fujitaka tablog review


9月1日(土)に横浜のBankART Studio NYKにて関西・関東の若手アーティスト7グループによる「都市との対話」展がはじまりました。インディペンデントキュレーターでもあるTABlog編集長の橋本誠さんの企画展です。会期後には同じ港町の神戸に巡回していきます。毎週末に多くのトークイベントなども行われます。是非足を運んでください。

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