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Yamaguchi’s series “A sense of de-tach-ment”, which he started in 2001, evokes the alienation within contemporary human relations, and the sense of unease that arises when one’s sense of humanity is taken away.

While there is a lot of skin-to-skin contact depicted in the work, it does not carry with it the sense of solidarity that matters so much to human beings. And yet at the same time, these at once beautiful and ugly, corporeal scenes of unreality project a fantasy that tears down the wall of everyday rationality. These images work as a quiet stimulus for our feelings, which are suppressed by society.

The artist made the following comment about the preparation of his work for this exhibition:

“While making this work, I was particularly conscious of the sense of physical existence that cuts off spirituality. Photographed with a large format camera, the subjects in my work are depicted in fine detail, transformed by photographic technique into fine grains of silver, on photographic paper with a more of a sense of materiality than can be felt in reality itself. I hope that people who see my work will feel the steady weight of black silver as well as the sense that the body is the prison of the spirit’.”

Tokyo Gallery hopes that you will come and see this first solo exhibition by Riichi Yamaguchi, who has been nominated for the 10th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award this year, and is increasingly the focus of attention in the art world. At the opening on February 28th, there will be a collaborative Butoh performance by internationally renowned dancer Yasuchika Konno, who will work to the theme of "the body" in Yamaguchi's work.



From 2007-02-28 To 2007-03-24



Ashley Rawlings tablog review

Butoh Performance at Tokyo Gallery + BTAP

To mark the opening of his solo exhibition "A sense of de-tach-ment", Riichi Yamaguchi invited Butoh dancer Yasuchika Konno to perform on and around his work.

Lena Oishi tablog review

Naked Alienation - An Interview with Riichi Yamaguchi

Riichi Yamaguchi’s first solo exhibition, “A Sense of De-tach-ment” is currently showing at Tokyo Gallery. Based on the themes of alienation and corporeality, his photographs present the world in a strange light. I talked to the artist about his inspirations and working method.

Ashley Rawlings tablog review


山口理一さんの個展『A Sense of de・tach・ment』のオープニングレセプションにて、舞踏家の金野泰史さんが写真作品に呼応する形でパフォーマンスを行いました。その様子のビデオです。

Lena Oishi tablog review

裸の疎外感 - 山口理一さんとのインタビュー

山口理一さんの初の個展、『A Sense of De・tach・ment』が現在東京画廊で開催中。疎外感や身体性がテーマである彼の写真は、非日常と日常が絡み合い、不思議な世界観を生み出します。山口さんに今回の個展や作品作りなどについてお話を伺いました。

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