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Since its debut in Venice in 2002, more than a million people have attended ”Ashes and Snow", an exhibition of more than 50 large-scale photographic artworks, a 60-minute feature film, and two 9-minute film haiku by Gregory Colbert.

The Nomadic Museum - the permanent travelling home of "Ashes and Snow" - debuted in New York in March 2005 and then travelled to Los Angeles in January 2006. "Ashes and Snow" at the Nomadic Museum will open in Odaiba and run from March 11 through June 24, 2007.

The Tokyo exhibition is in many respects a homecoming. Colbert has long worked with Japanese collaborators to create this series of work. The Nomadic Museum was designed by architect Shigeru Ban, the photographic works are printed on custom handmade washi paper, and cinematographer Koji Nakamura filmed many of the underwater scenes with elephants and whales in which Colbert appears.

"Ashes and Snow" is a work in progress. Over the past fifteen years Colbert has collaborated with more than forty species of animal around the world.



From 2007-03-11 To 2007-06-24


Gregory Colbert



Ian Chun tablog review

Exploring Humanity's Collective Memory - Ashes & Snow

Sitting on an artificially created island, Odaiba is as much a symbol of Japan's technological achievement as Ginza is the embodiment of luxury.

Rei Kagami tablog review

グレゴリー・コルベール 「Ashes and Snow」

2002年のイタリア・ヴェネツィアでの初公開から、ニューヨーク、ロサンゼルスと巡回し、これまでに100万人以上もの人々を動員した移動式美術館、ノマディック美術館が東京・お台場にやってきた。中では、グレゴリー・コルベールの荘厳な展覧会「Ashes and Snow」が開催されている。

jimmy: (2007-03-28)
It looks cool from outside. I didn't go inside as I didn't want to pay the 1900Yen admission fee without knowing anything about it. Would be interested to hear comments from someone who did venture inside!

TikTaks: (2007-04-07)


yoyo: (2007-04-17)

Jimmy, it's totally worth to pay for 1900 Yen!!!

It includes a plenty of gigantic photos on Washi-paper, two short films (a.10 min) and one large screened, long film (60 min)!!
In addition to these, the space is just's almost like experiencing mr. Gregory's EYES...

you will fell like traveling around the world...

highly, highly recommended...!!!

levallee: (2007-05-10)

Ashes and Snow. A mind blowing experience. The Museum itself was a Installation, It has impermanent feel. No pictures are allowed inside.

sayadct: (2007-05-14)




pandalab: (2007-05-15)

この作品は写真のみで判断されるべきではなく、映像や展示されている建築物、そして「ashes and snow」という書簡小説も一体となった作品。


This work is not a documentary. I think you need to know what this work is before you go to the nomadic museum...if you don't want to be disappointed.

seds: (2007-05-29)




alansmith: (2007-06-03)


alexisalvarez: (2007-06-04)

I saw the show in NY a few years ago, and was not impressed. The photographs are technically well-done, but left me feeling cold. I found the work manipulative, contrived, and precious. The only aspect of the exhibit that I thought truly interesting is the floating museum itself.

Lots of positive reviews for this one, but read a negative one: -- he explains my objections to the exhibit much better than I could.


maiko: (2007-06-04)


umitakara: (2007-06-07)

It was very very interesting and moving!
As they say, it is composed of architect, music, and photograph. I knew that before I went there, but actually I don't understand the true meaning! maybe people who went there only could get it. The feeling when I enter the architect is following: I felt be in something organism which is composed of architect, music, and photograph, and as if I also participated in it! Such a feeling was the first time for me, so impressed.
Anyone impressed too? What did you think and feel in the situation?

na7na115: (2007-06-17)


maha: (2007-06-18)


michi: (2007-06-24)


mari_chiquitita: (2007-06-24)

Since it is closing today, I should break off my silence on this exhibition. I actually requested TAB to put up this exhibition info on this site before I went to see it.

When I entered the nomadic museum, I felt a bit odd and uncomfortable. Then my question grew. Am I supposed to think this is great? or overwhelmingly fake? ...or just entertaining? The architecture did not bother me much, but the overly dramatic sound, spot lights, and fake films did. Sure, it was amazing & very entertaining to see pictures and films of people and huge or dangerous animals interacting with each other peacefully. But what you see in the images is the fake world just like the pictures you can see in hard-core Christian books on what it is like to live in the "heaven".

I'd suggest, the Nomadic Museum should have been located in Tokyo Disneyland as a part of new attractions there. Then it could have been more appropriate.

karl: (2007-06-24)

The story of a non visit.

The place… odaiba. some modern buildings around a lot of space, and many people to go there. Odaiba had already for me the smell of urban desert for having in a joyful and curious mood. Let's say that's a bad side of me. I would have rather preferred to be in a real harbour deserted of his workers.

Then the piles of containers outside of the subway and the long, too long line under the rain, for the last day of this exhibition. Do we wait? Should we wait? Hmm not sure. It already looks like the line of Krispy Cream (I call it Creepy Crime. Pardon my French.) in Shinjuku. Big posters outside on the containers, reproductions of the already too known photos. The marketing machine has made its way. It's already part of our collective memory. We have been programmed for it.

Heading to the store, the line is really too long. Everything is a product, well designed, formatted for the mood of the exhibition. It is here to make you feel like the rest. It doesn't give you more. Just the images again and some poorly written letters. So what am I supposed to feel? Not much space to imagine, to jam the art, to mix it with your own experience of life. Everything has been ready-made, so that you do not have too much to elaborate your own emotions. Here open this package, you will have to feel like this.

I had seen the book a while ago, I have seen the posters, heard the comments of friends, and everything was already packaged. Amelie Poulain like. A product, beautiful or should I say pretty, but not much room for uncertainty, for imagination. You do not need to think, They did for you. You do not need to feel. They did for you.

seasail: (2007-06-25)


kico16: (2009-06-14)


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