Sako Kojima "The Gloaming"

Yamamoto Gendai

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Sako Kojima is known for her performance and sculptural works, but this exhibition features mostly paintings. Her paintings have a rough and quick feel to them; they consist of multiple layers of paint that are the result of repeatedly painting one scenery over the other. The built-up paint depicting animals and landscapes appears harsh, and yet there are no unnecessary strokes made on the canvas. The animals featured in her paintings are lonely, left by themselves in a dark forest in silence. However, the artist gives them a sense of strength and charm with her aggressive brush strokes.



From 2007-03-17 To 2007-04-04


Sako Kojima



donald_japantimes: (2007-03-22 at 16:03)

We make great pets
By Monty DiPietro
Japan Times New Art Scene

Imagine if you will a female Japanese artist who dresses as a hamster and scurries round amid wood chips and scraps of torn paper, wide-eyed, nibbling on croissant-size, cookie-dough "sunflower seeds." Yes, in this city with its insatiable sweet tooth for art, it does sound like yet another serving of cotton-candy cuteness.

But I took a chance on Sako Kojima's current exhibition, because her new work is executed in the comfort food of artistic media, good old-fashioned paint on canvas.

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