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Tadao Ando's first architectural manifesto penned in the 1970s, "Urban Guerilla Dwellings," appeared in the architecture magazine "Toshi Jutaku." The piece was based on a standalone row house in Sumiyoshi, Osaka, which soon made his name in the field. Since then, Ando has continued to make innovative architecture that constitutes a form of criticism of contemporary society. Since the 1990s, he has expanded his activities onto a global scale, taking on projects in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.

This exhibition attempts an overview of Ando's 30 years as an architect, focusing on the various types of "places" he has designed over the years. These 10 or so projects undertaken in Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo, Venice, Abu Dhabi, Mexico and Bahrain were completed under completely different conditions, project durations, scales and programs, but despite these diverse backgrounds and settings, Ando's consistent and unified approach as an architect is discernible. This way of thinking about architecture considers not only the building in itself, but also tries to seize the environmental construction and form that surrounds it - in short, a composite approach that aims to realize a "symbiotic" relationship between nature and architecture. In this sense, an unbroken line based on this approach can be drawn through his 30 year trajectory, from the tiny Sumiyoshi row house dwelling in a dense residential neighborhood of Osaka, right up to the Abu Dhabi Marine Museum, a monumental cultural facility currently being planned.

In addition to a large model recreation of the Sumiyoshi row house in its original dimensions, often referred to as the point of origin of Ando's architecture, sketches, models, drawings and videos introducing his work from a variety of perspectives will give audiences a comprehensive overview of the essence of Andoesque architecture. Tracing the trajectory of his work, which has consistently pursued a harmony between place and nature, is perhaps a significant glimpse that allows us an inroad into the future of architecture at a time when the state of this natural environment has become a hot topic of debate.

Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response, this exhibition will next travel to Osaka, featuring his representative work Row House in Sumiyoshi, built in his 30s; a 1/10 concrete scale model of his Church of the Light; his lifework Rokka residential complex; the newly completed Shibuya station (2008); the Fukutake Hall at Tokyo University; the restoration plan for the Punta della Dogana; and the RGS center at the University of Monterey in New Mexico.



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Tadao Ando



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Gallery Ma holds a 30-year survey of Tadao Ando's buildings from all over the world.

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