Muga Miyahara + Ayako Suwa "Taste and Body"


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For example, I will never be able to know the taste of a cake if I choose to only appreciate its surface beauty. By the time I have had enough of a look at it and finally decide to eat it, it would already have lost its freshness. Such dilemmas confronts us from time to time and keep tormenting us. At the very moment we gain something important, we lose some other thing that is equally important. Knowing this, we still eat whatever is in front of us, being unable to fight against hunger, nor to suppress our greed.

This exhibition is entitled "Mimi" (meaning 'taste and body'). The concept of the exhibition, 'personal taste for people', is strongly related to this greed. Stories are formed inside a person based on his or her own experiences over a passage of time. These stories then sink deeper within us and get precipitated, resulting in the formation of unknown tastes.

Ayako Suwa combines bodily elements and cooking ingredients together, exciting a sense of greed in the beholder and extracting new "flavors" from him or her. Muga Miyahara turns his attention to the minute conditions of body and food with his stoic, monochrome gaze, and with his imaginative capacity for appetite and sexual desire, creates work that is not only to be looked at, but also to be tasted.

Director of Gallery Point: Shinya Furui

[Image: "Untitled" (2008) gelatin silver print 20×24inch]



From 2008-08-22 To 2008-09-06
Exhibition Hours: 12:00-20:00

Opening Reception on 2008-08-22 from 19:00 to 21:00



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