"The Strength of Materials - Glass, Stone, Lacquer" Exhibition

Daikanyama Hillside Forum

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Hillside Forum, Hillside Terrace Block F, Sarugakucho 18-8, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Composed of four solo exhibitions, this show is also a collaboration among the four artists taken as a whole, an attempt to bridge differences in media in order to explore joint possibilities for expression. For an artist, materials and media are the starting point of any artistic production. Once thoroughly at home with the particular characteristics of a given material, the artist can then breathe life into it and mould it expressively.
Niyoko Ikuta works with transparent glass. Even with "cold" glassware, a sense of warmth and gentleness is palpable.
Kosuke Katagiri's work resembles a rock that has been lying asleep and dormant under the ground, sternly woken up from its slumber. His work communicates a kind of eruptive geological energy.
The figures in Kate Thomson's work bear a strong likeness to Celtic fairies or vikings, strongly rooted in the earth and the brutality of nature.
Tada Higashibata's work is based on the traditional lacquer craft techniques used in Kyoto, but also incorporates influences from modern lifestyles today.
Although these disparate materials seem incompatible, they somehow echo each other. This exhibition gives not so much the impression of artwork laid out in an interior space, but makes rather a more visceral, concrete impact on the viewer, one that balances harmony and strength. Collaboratively-produced furniture is also on display.

Date and time: April 22nd (Tue) 18:00-20:30 (planned)
Admission free
Venue: Hillside Forum
Lecture: "Creating Space at the intersection of Architectural Design and Art"
Speaker: Jun Mitsui
(Pelli Clark Architects Japan, Mitsui Jun and Associates Architectural Design Office)
A reception will be held after the lecture.



From 2008-04-15 To 2008-04-27



KateT: (2008-04-26 at 15:04)

I have to admit that I am one of the artists so possibly biased, but wanted to point out that Katagiri is Hironori Katgiri (not Kosuke Katagiri) and Higashibata is Yui Higashibata (not Tada Higashibata).
Katagiri and I were so tired after working flat out to finish all our sculpture on time for the opening on 15th April - this is our biggest exhibition in Japan to date, with work ranging in scale from pubic art size to intimate sculptures.
But we both got new energy to set it all in the galleries from meeting the other two artists whose work is gorgeous.

The four different shows compliment each other beautifully, and the group show in the shared downstairs gallery works really well. Well worth going along before it closes at 7pm on Sunday (entry is free).
For more information on the exhibition in Japanese please go to
For images of more sculpture work by Kate Thomson & Hironori Katagiri please visit
Ukishima Sculpture Studio home page:
With all best wishes, Kate Thomson

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