"Art Scope 2007/2008- Faces of Existence" Exhibition

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art (Tokyo)

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Art Scope, a mécénat activity of Daimler Foundation in Japan, provides contemporary artists from Japan and Germany the chance to experience life in each other’s country. For the 2007/2008 year, Izumi Kato and Yuken Teruya were invited to reside in Berlin and Eve Teppe and Ascan Pinckernelle in Tokyo. The Hara Museum has been a partner in the Art Scope program since 2003, and as such will once again host an exhibition to showcase the results of this year’s artistic exchange. The methodologies used by the four featured artists range from painting, sculpture, installation, video and drawing.
Izumi Kato creates paintings and sculptures that seem to touch upon the root of life and existence, using as his motif human figures with apparently fetal-like aspects. Yuken Teruya uses a variety of materials that include ready-made objects to make installations that speak to the workings of human society, the roots of human values and the sense of aesthetic beauty. The video artist Eva Teppe uses image media to explore the essence behind our sensory awareness and consciousness. In drawings of great detail and delicacy, Ascan Pinckernelle revisits the fundamentals of expression through the process of observation with the eye and representation with the hand.
Different though these four artists may be in methodology and personality, their sensibilities, imagination and power of expression give rise to a shared ability to train their sights upon human existence and make us reconsider the ambiguous and complex properties that are fundamental to our lives as both discrete individuals and members of a larger whole. Through it all one might find a hint of the many possibilities that lie hidden in the act of creation and the experience of viewing.

Artist Talk
Date: June 28th (Sat) 15:00 - 17:00 (tentative)
Place: The Hall at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art
For reservations, contact: info@haramuseum.or.jp or (Tel.) 03-3445-0669
Speakers (to be scheduled): Izumi Kato, Yuken Teruya, Eva Teppe, Ascan Pinckernelle, Dr. Renate Wiehager (Senior Manager, Corporate Art Department, Daimler AG), Atsuo Yasuda (Hara Museum of Contemporary Art)
Fee: Regular ¥2000 (includes museum admission), Hara Museum Members and up to two guests ¥1000
Reservation required: info@haramuseum.or.jp, or Tel: 03-3445-0669 starting from June 10th (Tue)

[Image: Eva Teppe, "The World Is Everything That Is The Case" (2003), video still, courtesy of the artist]



From 2008-06-28 To 2008-08-31
Open July 21st, closed July 22nd



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