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In 1977, NASA launched an unmanned scientific probe: the Voyager 1. The spacecraft contained a copper phonograph record. This included various sounds and images that were selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth. in case of an encounter with an extraterrestrial culture.

The record was chosen because of its simple structure: sound is recorded on this medium in an extremely direct and physical way which allows it to be played simply by amplifying the vibration between the record and the needle dropped upon it. In addition, sound can be visually seen and read through the density of the grooves pressed on the record. It could still be said that the record is the most modern, and the finest medium ever invented in the field of analog recording technology.

"With the lost of their physicality, objects become virtual existences. The reason why I feel uneasy about sound recorded in a digital format is because the digital data of sound is nothing more than a virtual copy of the existing original," says Suzuki, who will be showing interactive works that use vinyl records.

Living in a world where we are able to carry with us massive digital archives of music, Suzuki's works gesture towards the physical side of sound. Although we live lives dominated by digital technology, Suzuki questions the validity of this practice through his works by drawing attention to both the meaning and the importance of sound, not just as a virtual existence, but as an object with physical characteristics.



From 2009-03-06 To 2009-05-16

Opening Reception on 2009-03-06 from 18:00 to 21:00


Yuri Suzuki



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