Hitoshi Nomura "Perceptions -Changes in Time and Field"

The National Art Center, Tokyo

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Born in Hyogo prefecture in 1945, Hitoshi Nomura started tackling photographic expression in the late 1960s. He attracted much attention by realizing the visualization of "gravity" and "time" through the documentation of various solid matters like a cardboard box and dry ice to slowly change their forms.

In closely observing the transformation of things, Nomura began to ask himself some fundamental questions: "What is it for an object to be present here and now?"; "What is the world that consists of objects and time?" He then embarked on further explorations of not only subcelestial phenomena but the sky, universe and DNA.

Discovering that the trajectories of the sun and the moon both generate beautiful shapes, and fascinated with the mystery that the galactic light we see today came from the time when now fossilized plants still existed, Nomura has visualized such phenomena using a wide variety of media in addition to photography, such as video and sound. He is thus a pioneer of multimedia artist.

This is the first extensive retrospective exhibition in Tokyo that looks back on 40 years of career of this singular artist.



From 2009-05-27 To 2009-07-27


Hitoshi Nomura



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Nomura fuses science, mysticism in artworks

Special to The Japan Times
If Pythagoras, Aristotle or any of the other axial luminaries of the Classical World were alive today, they might just be working as conceptual artists in the mold of Hitoshi Nomura, rather than philosophers and scientists. This is because the science and philosophy that these intellectual giants practiced were infused with a mysticism and metaphysical side quite at odds with the strict criteria and dry agendas of their modern equivalents, and much more in keeping with the interests and artistic methods of Nomura, whose career is the subject of a major retrospective at the National Art Center Tokyo (NACT).

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