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Laurie Simmons creates photographic works of a world that she constructs with toys, ventriloquist's puppets and various other objects. She investigates the "artificial" through accentuated light effects and exaggerated color - according to Simmons, "Hitchcock's spacing, color and lighting are ideal." Her photographs are taken in series, and the next series starts only when the previous one has been completed, just like a novel. Simmons was considered a feminist in New York in the 70's along with Cindy Sherman, but in fact she has been tackling more fundamental matters such as the existence of human beings, which transcends the concept of gender.

"I aim for maximum realism in any given situation. But the result is a distorted version of that realism." ("A woman who sings the code - A Dialogue between Laurie Simmons and Cindy Sherman," quote from p.9, "LAURIE SIMMONS", PARCO publishing, 1987.)

Within Simmons's photographs, the border dividing fiction and reality dissolves, and there we find dolls that respirate and humans standing still like mannequins.

This exhibition could be called a retrospective, showcasing works from the 70s up until 2008, introducing 8 of Simmons's photography series. The 22 works on display include "Early Color Interiors" (1978-79), featuring daydreaming housewife-like vintage dolls placed in 70s interiors; "The Boxes (Ardis Vinklers)" (2005), where dolls seem to perform a realistic play in a box that looks like a stage set; and "Sitting Rose" (2008), a new work with a blown-up rose object with sleek human legs.

[Image: "Blue Woman/ Blue Water" (1983)  © Laurie Simmons]



From 2009-05-23 To 2009-06-20

Opening Reception on 2009-05-23 from 18:00 to 20:00


Laurie Simmons



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