Hiraku Suzuki + Takuro Osaka “Far Away from the Surface”

Talion Gallery

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What art can be done on this surface of the earth? One of the possibilities is a practice that takes off from the surface or that burrows into the ground. These possibilities are demonstrated by a series of drawings made by Hiraku Suzuki and a work of illumination by Takuro Osaka, a light artist who carries out artistic experiments using artificial lights.

Takuro Osaka makes the surface of the ground invisible by using LED lights which turn on and off, reacting to signals from a device that perceives cosmic radiation in the air. His work blurs the difference between natural and manmade, and art and technology. It is a prayer that takes us to a place we never knew. Icons drawn by Hiraku Suzuki appear in that place where time and space are breached. They are engraved not on the surface, but on the fault line. His drawings dig up the continuity of the surface; they dissect the images and symbols until a dislocation appears under the ground.

The fragments of images and symbols depicted by Hiraku’s drawings do not become mere pieces of information, but remain raw material. These works represent something to be recalled now and perceived later, not like our usual recognition of art as objects or events. They are not limited by time and space. They come into the world as they fade away from the world. What rises in front of us is an exquisite noise of artworks that are and will be distinct from any other things, because they cannot be labeled by any concept, nor visualized by illustrations. We can find our apperception of new aesthetics only by perceiving those invisible signals.

[Image: Deciphering the Light #01 2011 silver marker on Fabriano paper 760 x 560 mm © Hiraku Suzuki]



From 2011-11-19 To 2011-12-28

Reception For The Artist on 2011-11-19 from 18:00 to 20:00



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