「Before and After Superflat 刊行記念イベント」

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『Before and After Superflat』の発行を記念し著者であるエイドリアン・ファベル氏をお招きしトークイベントを開催致します!プレゼンテーションの後は、中ザワヒデキ、三田村光土里、青山悟(アーティスト)、アートライターの住吉智恵と筆者によるディスカッションが行ないます。(日英通訳あり)



2012年04月04日 18:30~20:00



mroberts: (2012-04-05)

Favell spoke for about twenty minutes, giving a summary of each section of his book, and then the other invitees spoke.

One of Favell's claims is that there was a moment in the early 90s when there was great enthusiasm that Tokyo could become a kind of gateway to the contemporary art scene in East Asia. One of the reasons this didn't happen, one of the reasons that Japan has kind of dropped out of the loop and interest has shifted to China, is that the Japanese curators didn't open things up for an international audience, and sort of refused to let some of the more established art curators into the Japanese scene.

It was ironic that the structure of this art talk mirrored the very dynamic that Favell described. I.e., he gave his statement in English, and an interpreter translated it into Japanese. But when the Japanese curators spoke, she interpreted them only for Favell, whispering into his ear and not speaking to the audience. Conclusion: actually, the curators still don't want an international audience.

The book looks interesting, though, and NADiff has a rather good bookstore.

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