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On this occasion, installed are new series of sculpture titled "Oblivion". The technique is the same as his main works, "suesser Regen (sweet rain)", very unique, first drawing a plan, next sawing plywood boards with contour lines according to the plan, then piling those plywood boards and glue them, and getting smooth curve by carving angles.

Nishimura was for a long time thinking about "Bo-sen" tea house which was designed by Enshu Kobori. The name "Bo-sen" is taken from the phrase by Zhuangzi, "forget sen after getting fish". Sen is a tool to catch a fish that looks like a bamboo basket, would be eliminated from our mind after we getting a fish. This phrase by Zhuangzi is considered as one of the representation of Zen enlightenment. Once we achieve the goal, we forget the presence of the tool. It is said that Enshu made this sophisticated tea house for himself in his later years with an intention to forget about every technique he ever achieved.

Also a Greek mythology "Odyssey" had attracted Nishimura. Among them there is a story like this. Odysseus, who had made the reason of Trojan War and thus aroused the anger of Poseidon, arrived at Ribyua after wandering the sea. People living there eat the fruit of lotos, then forget everything, fall in the state of ecstasy, and feel heaven. Before landing Odysseus sent three servants there but they ate the fruit of lotos and all fell in the state of ecstasy. Therefore Odysseus had to force them back to his ship with great difficulty. Etymology of "lotus" comes from this story.

"Zen in Daitokuji-temple and the idea of beauty of Enshu" and "the state of ecstasy feeling the heaven", these two have met each other in the mind of Nishimura while he making these works.



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Morio Nishimura



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