Chika Suzuki “Absence is Here”

Daikanyama Hillside Forum

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[Image: Chika Suzuki "End of named colors, beginning of unnamed colors" (section) (2016) sand from the coast of the Koshikijima Islands N 31° 50’ 37” E 129° 54’ 46” 100×100×50cm]

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Following the origins of existence within the flow of eternal life, Chika Suzuki explores how people through the ages have spent their time producing things, and how these things embody the cycle of time.
This exhibition entitled “Absence is Here” will present her “Blank Drawings” series. The series consists of engravings that imitate motifs usually represented as drawings or paintings but here using transparent acrylic resin. By hollowing out cavities inside resin cubes, she creates an image, but an images that is absent, expressed only as a negative impression - an empty space that suggests the disappearance of the thing itself. Furthermore, the pieces of canvas and paper that float inside the transparent resin - the surface where an image would typically appear - are left blank.
Suzuki’s work “End of named colors, beginning of unnamed colors” will also be on exhibit. This piece was produced using sand collected from various locations visited by artist, including coastal areas and city roadsides indicated by land coordinates. These grains hardly one millimeter in size barely allow you to form a sense of the material from which they originate - be it plastic, glass, shell, metal, or stone - though you can be sure they one existed as part of our daily lives.
This exhibition is a chance for you to question the nature of the existence of things.

Venue: Gallery on the Hill (1F, Hillside Terrace building F)



from 7月 25, 2017 to 7月 30, 2017 at 18:00
Exhibition hours: 11:00-19:00


Chika Suzuki



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