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This retrospective marking 70 years since the death of Kanazawa-born artist Tsunetomi Kitano (1880-1947) includes masterpieces presented at previous governmental and institutional exhibitions, as well as works by his followers and other related materials. You can discover the attraction of Kitano’s work, which combines the excessive and the orderly, the sacred and the mainstream.
Kitano started out working on plates for newspapers, but relocated to Osaka at the age of 17 and turned to painting, making a name for himself by producing illustrations for novels serialized in the newspapers. He established himself as a Japanese-style nihonga painter when “Sudaku mushi (Chirping Insects)” became his first work to be selected for the Bunten Exhibition, and the following year “Sobae (Rain and Shine)” received three awards at the same event. Meanwhile, he also gained a reputation as a popular bijin-ga (painter of beautiful women) poster artist.
In 1914, Kitano successfully submitted his work “Negai o ito (Thread of Hope)” to the 1st Inten Exhibition, presenting his painting alongside Kaburagi Kiyokata from Tokyo and Shoen Uemura from Kyoto, also continuing his activities as a leading bijin-ga in Osaka. Early on in the Taisho era (1912-1926) he was known as one of the “devils of the art world” for his glamorous depictions of women, which demonstrated his impressive technique and free thinking. Later in the Taisho period there was a deepening of his inner expressions, and going into the Showa years thereafter his work was characterized by a more colorful modern yet refined style.



from November 03, 2017 to December 17, 2017
Closed on Nov. 6, Nov. 27, and Dec. 4.



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