PMKFA + assistant "Probarious"

Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama


PMKFA, assistant, Megumi Matsubara
The exhibition "Probarious" consists of three-dimensional objects by PMKFA and visual commentary by Assistant. PMKFA, who is usually seen with his two dimensional work has now taken the step into the third dimension in "Probarious". Making a journey from 2D to 3D and back to 2D, PMKFA builds a galaxy that springs out by made up myths. Megumi Matsubara from multidisciplinary architecture firm, Assistant, supplies visual commentary to solidify the myths and legends like Homer did once upon a time with “The Odyssey” adding another dimension to the project.

Excerpts from first and second lost chapters of the “Probarious” scripts of the second age.
"This twilight zone is where probable futures end and start side by side. In the center of this symmetric star-spangled mirror-image the impossible is reflected as possible. In this world, sound tastes good and the steps of the giant purple-teethed guardian make time liquefy before it vaporizes.

It's here intelligence as we knew it started and ended, ignited as an experiment and taken out before it turned the sweetness into madness a few years ago. After all it was just another remi that passed unnoticed in the endless chess-tournament played everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The creatures were wiped out, as the horse did its most obvious mistake and moved to D-6 instead of C-7. The consequences were fatal but then again what was blown out was about to fade to black anyway.

When the scripts of the "Probarious" 4th chapter were finally decoded a new vision expanded what is actually meant to see. The well-gridded society was put to its test. The perception that strength equaled muscle-power disappeared as soon as this new vision was injected in the mental veins. Since then it was seen as the real physical entity worth even notifying during the eventless few minutes of awareness. The few minutes included such trivia as repelling gravity just for the sheer joy of it, letting stone be lighter than air and breaking invisible borders."



Dec 8 (Sat) 2007-Feb 3 (Sun) 2008

Venue Hours

1F STORE 11:00~20:00、2F GALLERY 13:00~20:00
VenueDiesel Denim Gallery Aoyama
Location6-3-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Access9 minutes walk from Omotesando Station on the Ginza, Hanzomon and Chiyoda Lines.