About Requests to List Exhibitions and Events

Tokyo Art Tokyo Art Beat is actively seeking information on exhibitions and events in Japan. We will respond to your requests in the order we receive them.

Request for Exhibition/Event Listing

Please click on the link below to learn about our listing criteria and removal policy before submitting your information via the dedicated form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exhibition/Event Listing

Criteria for listing an event
Response to emails that have already been sent
Changing information of an exhibition or event that has already been posted or requested
Removing exhibition/event listing

For exhibitions and events with multiple venues (art festivals, art fairs, etc.)

Exhibition and event listings can have only one venue on the exhibition/event page. When making a request for listing, please send us the information of the venue and exhibition details to be listed on the exhibition/event page.

*It is not possible to register xx city, xx area, etc. as a venue.
*If no specific venue information is provided, we will register the venue information at our editorial discretion. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration of Art Spaces (Exhibition Venues)

Art spaces (exhibition venues) must be registered in advance in order to have their exhibitions and events listed. You can check if the venue is already registered on the Art Space List page.
If your art space (exhibition venue) has not yet been registered, please check the following and submit the necessary information using the dedicated form.

FAQ about Art Space (Exhibition Venue) Registration

Criteria for art space (exhibition venue) listing
Responding to emails that have already been sent
Changing information of an art space (exhibition venue) that has already been listed or requested for listing
Removing an art space (exhibition venue)