"The Moon" Exhibition

Art Lab Tokyo


Chris Wainwright, Anne Lydiat, Tina Keane, Keiko Kamma, Taisuke Morishita, Kentaro Chiba
A light installation by contemporary artists from England and Japan on the theme of the moon was held in three temples in Kyoto from October through December 2008 - Kodai-ji, Gesshin-in and Korin-in. This was a first attempt at an open-air exhibition lasting more than one month in duration, and was a collaborative project transcending the space and time of places whose historical and artistic character seem to have been bypassed by modern life.

Kodai-ji was construted in 1606 as a reception chamber for Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and later provided financial support to Ieyasu Tokugawa. Gesshin-in was built in 1616, and Korin-in in 1608. Kodai-ji is renowned for its gardens designed in a singular style by Enshu Kobori. Each of the participating artists in this exhibition spent time studying the site one year prior to the exhibition in order to develop site-specific installation works that blend into the surrounding Zen gardens. The result was a subtle harmony that emerged out of the fusion between the natural Japanese beauty of autumn leaves, rocks and moss and contemporary art. This exhibition in Tokyo recounts the exhibition held in the old capital of Kyoto last year.


Feb 16 (Mon) 2009-Feb 28 (Sat) 2009 

Opening Hours Information


Opening Reception Feb 21 (Sat) 2009 17:00 - 00:00

VenueArt Lab Tokyo
Location1F 2nd Katagiri Bldg., 4-5-2 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053
Access4 minute walk from the East exit of Asakusabashi Station on JR Sobu line, 6 minute walk from exit 1 at Akihabara Station on the Hibiya line, 8 minute walk from the Showa-dori exit of Akihabara Station on the JR or Tsukuba Express line.