“Semamori - Stitched Amulets on the Back of Children’s Kimonos - “

LIXIL Gallery 1 & 2


Miyako Ishiuchi et al.
Introducing the special forms of kimono popular up to the early Showa period with “Semamori” emblems designed to protect a child’s well-being and “Hyakutoku-kimono” created from cloth gathered from 100 people in a particular form of prayer, this exhibition features various examples and documents relating to this form of kimono, along with photographic produced by Miyako Ishuchi since winning the Shiju Hosho award.

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Lecture “The World of Semamori”
Date: July 29(Tues) 18:30-20:00
Speaker: Yukari Saji(director of Koriyama City Museum of Art)
Venue: AGC Studio (Tokyo Chuo-ku Kyobashi 2-15-18 Kyobashi Souseikan 2F * 1 min from LIXIL)
Admission: Free
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VenueLIXIL Gallery 1 & 2
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