Lida Sherafatmand Exhibition

Shibuya Station


Lida Sherafatmand
Artist Statement: With my floral paintings I try to draw our attention to the emotional registry of our mind and bodies. By going through the essence of a flower, one transcends the physical appearance of that flower, and is in a protected and sacred space of beauty to discern social realities. As a painter with a background in International Relations studies, I am passing on social science knowledge about the role of human nature in our conflicts in society through the symbolism and beauty of flowers. I am happy to be speaking to my audience with the gentle language of flowers, because my eyes have seen enough of violence. Florescencism is a philosophy of flowering based on human nature, with a floral language in painting. It is my humble contribution both to the artistic world, and to the field of International Relations.


Mar 5 (Tue) 2019-Mar 11 (Mon) 2019 

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VenueShibuya Station
Location2 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043
AccessThe ticket hall at Shibuya Station.